Adam Ayers
Species: Human
Age: 21 Years Old
Played By: Keith
Face Claim: Colton Haynes

As far as Adam knew, his dad had split when he was born. His mother raised him almost single-handedly, but Adam didn’t exactly grow up without privilege. Sort of the opposite, actually. His mother was head of the housekeeping staff for the Cadogan family, some of London’s most wealthy land owners, and there might’ve been a knighthood or a couple of other titles in there somewhere. He wasn’t exactly part of the family, but he got along well with the staff and even made friends with the Earl’s kid, Edward, who was right around Adam’s age. He lived his young life on both sides of the fence, never really fitting into either world. While Edward went to private school, Adam went to the school in the not-so-great part of town, and he was the weirdo who got dropped off in a Rolls Royce every morning. He wasn’t privileged enough to fit in with the rich kids, and too privileged to fit in with the poor ones. It took a few incidents of eating concrete before Adam had to learned to stand up for himself. Edward was always cool, though. They grew close at an age when being rich or poor didn’t mean a damn thing, and things stayed that way - for a while.

Adam was sixteen when Edward began distancing himself. He was rude for no reason and stopped inviting Adam to spend time with his friends. That was what growing up meant, he guessed. Edward was starting to step into his father’s shoes, getting ready to take over the household. He had a reputation to live up to. People were fickle, and it was a bitch, but that was life. He’d learned way back that things didn’t come easy. He could have let it go, if Edward had just kept treating him like a nobody instead of an enemy, but Edward grew more and more bitter and their arguments grew more severe, so when a bunch of valuables went missing from the house, of course they wound up in Adam’s backpack. Of course he got the blame. The family wouldn’t tolerate theft, so he and his mother were out on their asses. At least his mum got a decent reference. He was the one they wanted gone - not her. She got another job in Kensal Green, catering to young professionals, but the life of wealth-by-association was over. Adam didn’t want it any more, anyway.

It took a few months and more than a few glasses of wine one night before Adam’s mother tearfully admitted why she didn’t blame him for their change in circumstances. He hadn’t stolen that stuff, and she knew it. The mistake did not belong to Adam, but to her and Lord Cadogan. Edward had found out that he and Adam shared a few strands of DNA, and it had fueled his hatred. All this, because the grand Earl of whats-it-called hadn’t been able to keep it in his marriage bed. Rich people were all the same, taking what they wanted to make themselves better off, and leaving everyone else in the cold, and his mother had let them.

If hatred and jealousy had fueled Edward, it was bitterness that fueled Adam. He strayed farther from home every night, staying out later, and sometimes not coming home at all. He had always been a quick learner, and he adapted to being poor as dirt like it was his default position. It kind of was, anyway. Pick-pocketing and ripping off the wealthy bastards of central London became his trade, and sure, living the night-life meant he had to grow accustomed to running into things that went bump in it, but the people who said the best revenge was living well were idiots. The best revenge was pushing back.

Personality Traits: Hot-headed, disillusioned, street-smart, sarcastic, bitter, daring, charismatic

→ Skilled thief and pick-pocket
→ Good liar
→ Agile and athletic
→ Capable in hand to hand combat

Adelaide Salinger
Species: Half-Demon (Brachen)
Age: 26 Years Old
Played By: Allie
Face Claim: Shelley Hennig

It wasn’t until she was thirteen that Adelaide realized that she was the result of a torrid love affair. As a child, all she knew was that she was loved by two people who happened lived in separate countries. Traveling excited her so she never questioned why she was constantly being shipped between New Orleans and London. Both cities were electrifying, Adelaide never wanted to choose between the two. But the mystery of why her parents only ever got together on holidays and other special occasions began to bother her once a schoolmate pointed out her life wasn’t normal.

After relentlessly bothering her mother, June, she finally got her answer. Her mother was a watcher and that meant that it was right for her to be with Adelaide’s father. If the Watcher’s Council found out, she could be fired and she couldn’t do that to her career or her potential slayer. Adelaide was confused. Her father was one of kindest people she’d ever met. If she’d ever had to choose one parent to stay with, it probably would have been him. June was always busy with her job and though it was noble and all of that, it meant that Adelaide was sent to boarding school. But the summers spent with her father were fantastic. He brought New Orleans to life for her; slipping into his human face to take her to all the best places, but letting his inner self show when it was just the two of them. Adelaide loved being with him and learning all about their “magic.” They were different, special even, and had to keep their secret powers a secret.

But June tearfully explained that there was no magic in this. Her father was a Brachen demon and so was Adelaide. Adelaide felt her entire world go black. She was a demon? Everything she knew about demons had come from her mother and her potential slayer. They were evil and bloodthirsty. How could that be what she was? Who cared if she was just half, that was enough to make her inhuman.

Adelaide cut off ties to her father, refusing to visit him even when June was able to make the rare trip to the States. She wasn’t going to let him influence her any longer. If she could, she would fight this. And Adelaide did so, literally. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she trained to become a watcher. It was the only thing she could think of that could possibly change her demonic fate. If Adelaide couldn’t be fully human then she would do everything in her power to protect humanity. June told her not to repress her demonic nature and reconnect with her father, reassuring her that Brachens were known for being peaceful. She claimed that Adelaide would come to regret cutting him out of her life and that if she waited too long it would be too late. Adelaide never took her mother’s warnings seriously until the day June was killed in the explosion at Council Headquarters.

Mourning her mother at twenty-three left Adelaide empty. She hadn’t been able to do the one thing her mother had wanted of her, had she? After much deliberation, she decided to reconnect with her father. It was strange at first and limited to brief phone calls and emails, but eventually their relationship began to rebuild. Adelaide began to actually learn about what it meant to be part Brachen for the first time, even meeting some of her father’s extended family. But as she let herself discover her ancestry, she realized that even the new Council wouldn’t be receptive of a demon like her. Two of their own, a watcher and a slayer, had destroyed the Brachen’s home dimension. Adelaide was torn. Should she be heartbroken for the Brachens who had died or applaud the destruction of so many demonic beings? All she knew was that she had to keep herself from being discovered before it came between a human and a demon again.

Personality Traits: Teasing, cynical, critical, sarcastic, bright, independent, driven

→ Specialized in mystical artefacts, aided by her ability to smell objects with mystical power
→ Knowledgeable about demonology and the supernaturalr
→ Enhanced strength and speed
→ Double jointed in the neck area, allow her to survive a dislocated or broken neck
→Can adopt her “true face” (green skin, red irises, and blue spines covering her face) on command

Andrew Wells
Species: Human (Watcher)
Age: 22 Years Old
Played By: Kit
Face Claim: Tom Lenk

You know, Tucker’s brother?

Andrew always seemed to fly under the radar, though that wasn’t exactly by choice. In school nobody really noticed him, even when he summoned flying monkeys to attack the school play. Nobody even noticed. No, because they weren’t as good as hellhounds. Andrew would never be as good as his brother Tucker. He’d tried to follow in his footsteps, learn how to summon demons and practice black magic. Turned out Andrew was a natural. Maybe it ran in the family. Too bad, once again, nobody even noticed.

That was until Warren came along. He was this awesome guy that could build crazy robots and machines and just left Andrew standing in awe. With the help of another friend, Jonathan, the three of them formed “The Trio” and lived a life of supervillian-y proportions, using their combined skills of magic, demon summoning, and computer knowledge to wreak havoc on the life of Sunnydale citizen, and most notably, the Slayer. They were like a snappier-dressing Legion of Doom. Life was good for Andrew for once. People were paying attention to him, he got to be around these awesome guys, and he pretty much could get whatever he wanted. Sweet deal, right?

Wrong. Everything went haywire. They were thwarted time and time again by the Slayer, and after one thing led to another, Warren ended up dead and Andrew and Jonathan ended up in Mexico. However, something called them back to Sunnydale. The First Evil, speaking to Andrew in the form of Warren, gave him instructions to open up the seal to the hellmouth. He killed his best friend Jonathan in order to open the seal, because The First told him to. Not long after he was captured by the Scooby Gang and, brimming with guilt, started his long path to redemption and reform. He was like Han Solo. Made some bad decisions but he was a hero now, fighting with the good guys. He fought alongside them in the battle of Sunnydale and survived, even though he had expected to die for the cause.

After that, Andrew stuck to the sides of the Scoobies like glue, training under Giles to become a watcher of one of the many slayers now running around. He followed them to Cleveland and for a while things were okay. His slayer, Lindsay, was doing awesome, and they bonded over a mutual love for Spider-Man. But that all changed when the fire nati—a vampire nest attacked. Most of the slayers held their own, with Andrew trying his best to help them out, but Lindsay fell during the battle. Andrew was shaken up for weeks, not coming out of his room for anybody. He didn’t come out until Buffy finally pounded on his door and said they were going to London and if he didn’t come with them they were leaving him there. Begrudgingly, he packed a bag and tagged along.

With the death of a slayer under his belt, Andrew was at the mercy of the new watcher’s council. Before he could have another slayer under his care, he would have to submit himself to an extensive review of his methods, techniques, and knowledge. Will an unconventional guy like Andrew be able to pull it together to impress a group with such high standards, or will Andrew once again just fly right under the radar?

Personality Traits: dramatic, blunt, nerdy, annoying, intelligent, persistent

→ Genius level intellect
→ Expert on demonology
→ Skilled at summoning demons and creating portals
→ Fluency in English, Latin, and Romanian
→ Vague knowledge of the dark arts and fighting techniques

Species: Ensouled Vampire
Age: Over 200 Years Old
Played By: Hannah
Face Claim: David Boreanaz

After leaving Wolfram and Hart, Angel had never once doubted what it was that he needed to be doing. Wolfram & Hart had diluted and distorted the things that mattered most to him, and somewhere along the line he’d lost sight of that. Angel had thought all their resources would help them all do some real good—what they did before, only on a larger scale-- but as it turned, out the best work he had ever done was when Angel Investigations was still running; his roots as a champion were deeply seeded in helping the hopeless, and perhaps even those people that most don’t even think to save. He couldn’t fault people for that though. There were apocalypses and big bads to focus on, but someone had to save the people that slipped through the cracks.

At first Angel stayed settled in Los Angeles and patrolled from sunset to sunrise every night. A lot of lives were saved, and even though it was a lonely life, he was finally getting back to helping again, the weight of Wolfram & Hart’s wrongdoing gradually being lifted off his shoulders. All the terrible things he had done when he had no soul were enough to brood over; he didn’t need an evil law firm’s actions to haunt him as well. But Angel was back in business, though he found he was not really connected to the world he was saving. He could remember Doyle stressing the importance of connection when he’d first started back in L.A. He couldn’t feel it anymore—the connections were severed. Maybe he’d misjudged just how much he needed the whole team, not just for back up in a fight, but to complete the mission statement. There was still one person he knew he could count on.

Since Faith had broken out of prison, Angel had given her space to do what she needed to do for herself. Their friendship had never been one that was particularly demanding-- they just had the mutual habit of believing in each other. He took the time to write her a letter (which he would undoubtedly get made fun of for later) so that they could make plans to head over to the Hellmouth in London. From what he gathered, the place was starting to rake up quite a death count, and the change of scenery would do him good. So much of L.A. had reminded him of the ones he lost.

Faith had, of course, agreed to make the trip to London with them, but neither were really sure just what it was they were walking into. Hellmouths had the annoying habit of being unpredictable, though they could at least count on having plenty of demons to slay and lives to save. He knew it’d be a much nicer gig with Faith around. She was the only friend he really had left, and he wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it was mutual. So he would hold on to that connection and keep fighting for the world. However, Angel didn’t realize he was about to see a lot more than just a familiar city.

With old and new friends in tow, he put Angel Investigations back into gear and. Alongside them, he worked to guard London from the terrors of the Hellmouth, even dusting Jack the Ripper. As it turned out, Jack wouldn't be the only legend Angel ran into. After an unfortunate encounter with the Grim Reaper, he was left without a soul and Angelus was out to play once more. Conscience gone and a desire to punish the other major London do-gooders, the Watcher's Council, his fist act was to turn watcher Tre Irving. After countless slaughters and a handful of slayers tortured, Peyton, Estela and his good pal Faith, his comrades discovered a way to bring their friend back. His soul now returned to him, Angel must continue to live with the consequences of Angelus's actions. Moving forward won't be easy, it never is, but it's what he has to do.

Personality Traits: solitary, melancholy, indecisive, has faith in others, forgiving, sometimes petty, responsible

→ Standard vampire strength, agility, and healing
→ Eidetic memory
→ Superior hand-to-hand combat and weaponry skills
→ Fluency in English, Korean, Tibetan, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Latin, Romanian, and Russian
→ Master of both physical and psychological torture
→ Master schemer and manipulator
→ Experienced in magicks
→ Knowledgeable about demons and the supernatural
→ Skilled in hand-to-hand combat and weaponry

Anya Jenkins
Species: Human (Ex-Vengeance Demon)
Age: Over 1,000 Years Old
Played By: Simona
Face Claim: Emma Caulfield

At the spry age of 1120-something, Anya Jenkins had lived many lives, mostly all very recently. Human, vengeance demon, human again, vengeance demon, and lastly human once more. At one time, everything had been so simple: you wish it, I dish it. For a thousand years she had no issue incinerating any male human upon request. It was what she lived for… until those pesky Scoobies ruined it all, forcing her to live amongst them, as one of them.

Her exposure to humans, even loving one, had made the task of vengeance-ing against them anymore too difficult. Even after her own heart had been broken, returning back to the vengeance fold was no longer in her cards. Anya’s life was no longer the violence-loving free for all it once had been and she couldn’t have been more confused about it. Human she had died, fighting the good fight at the Sunnydale Hellmouth.

That was, until a small coven of some seriously ticked off witches in London decided to bring her back. Anya’s first tenure as a vengeance demon had left her as the Patron Saint of Scorned Women and these witches were intent on bringing back the infamous Anyanka. They performed a resurrection spell that brought Anya back in hopes of getting something out of the deal. To their grave disappointment, she was utterly human, but her mortal memories were fully intact, which included her traumatic death. She was not the all-powerful Anyanka anymore, but the same Anya Christine Emanuella Jenkins she had died as, and of no use to these witches.

They helped the confused former vengeance demon ease back into life, updating her on current events, living in England, even setting her into a flat of her own. The least they could do, right? It didn’t take long for her new friends to slowly lose interest in their failed experiment, leaving Anya alone with all the time in the world to figure out something she’d never really been able to prior to her death-- figure out just who she was on her own.

As it turns out, this was not without speed bumps. Once getting reacquainted with the Scoobies, she found out Xander was dating a new girl, Naomi. Not liking the feeling of jealousy that arose in her, she decided to do something about. She couldn't use vengeance on her, but she could summon a goddess, Nemesis, who would give her bad luck. However, this backfired when anyone who had someone jealous of them started experiencing bad luck.

Feeling bad about all the trouble she caused, she confessed to Spike and Buffy so that they could help figure out how to make Nemesis go away. She has been laying pretty low ever since and is still trying to learn the intricacies of being human.

Personality Traits: sarcastic, blunt, devoted, enthusiastic, intelligent, experienced, comes off as insensitive, vain, frugal, obsessive

→ Fluency in Old Norse, English, French, and Latin
→ Proficient in basic magicks
→ Knowledgeable about demons and the supernatural
→ Has many underground contacts
→ Well-traveled

Sean 'Bambi' Macnamus
Species: Human (Warlock)
Age: 32 Years Old
Played By: River
Face Claim: Colin O'Donoghue

Sean MacNamus was born in Ireland, but his family immigrated to London just before his tenth birthday. As a socially awkward kid who talked funny and had big doe-like eyes, his male classmates nicknamed him Bambi on the first day at his new school. While he eventually made friends, he never could shake that first nickname. And really, he became okay with that. The girls loved it.

In high school, Bambi fell in with the eye-liner goth kids of the early nineties. Late one night, one of the other kids suggested that the little group perform a ritual. Just for shits and giggles. Just a joke. The group gathered ‘round in a circle and they chanted the words. No one had expected anything to happen. But as they chanted, Bambi could feel a small spark. A shock. As his eyes scanned his friends, it was immediately clear that they weren’t feeling that same sensation—a prickling up his back and into his arms. A sense of being connected to something greater. Bambi’s chants rose louder.

When the smoke from their fire took the form of a spirit and spoke, nearly all the kids ran. Bambi and two others stayed behind. He couldn’t believe that the spell had actually summoned something. Magic, real magic, had worked right before his eyes.

The smoke form disappeared in a matter of moments. The other kids, even those who had remained behind, had chalked the adventure up to a mass hallucination. Bambi was convinced otherwise. Like the nickname he’d adapted to, he was becoming increasingly okay with the idea that it was him, and only him, behind that spell actually leading to a summoning. Hungry to learn more and repeat the experience, he read everything he could get his hands on and tried spell after spell. His skill didn’t happen overnight, but after years and years of attempts and practices, he’s discovered a truth. Magic is real, he could use it, and he was a force to be reckoned with.

Personality Traits: confident, studious, sees magic as an answer, lazy, intelligent, honest, greedy, smug, flirtatious

→ Excels in both normal magicks and the dark arts
→ Skilled in getting information out of people
→ Smarter than most people give him credit for

Buffy Summers
Species: Slayer
Age: 23 Years Old
Played By: Erica
Face Claim: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Buffy Summers was the hero, the Chosen One, the leader that they all looked up to, or at least respected. But she didn’t have all the answers; she wasn’t perfect. And even with an entire year spent at the Cleveland hellmouth, the new slayers she had under her wing hadn’t seemed to realize that. 100 new girls in the world who were supposed to understand exactly what she and Faith knew almost instinctually, only that didn’t seem to be the case. They had each other, Vi, Kennedy, Satsu, Renee… but Buffy? No. Buffy had never felt more alone in her life. The heavy weight of responsibility was nothing new to her—it was the fact everyone assumed things would be easier now. That they could put their guard down because the new troops had rolled in. But they were wrong. It didn’t matter how many vampires they staked—none of them would ever quite grasp what it meant to the Slayer. She was charged with protecting them, training them, providing for them, and even Willow and Xander didn’t realize that something about this picture was off in a big way. It had been necessary at the time, and she wouldn’t go so far as to say that she liked it more before, but things had certainly been simpler.

She didn’t know where to start. Cleveland had turned out to be more trouble than anyone had expected, and the more they fought, the more obvious it became that not too many of them were ready to take on everything that could—and would eventually—come their way. After the death of one of the less experienced slayers, Giles took off for England, citing the reason that perhaps he could bring back some extra help. Buffy had a feeling he just wanted to take a vacation from all this death. It wasn’t in his job description anymore, and to be frank, she couldn’t blame him. Part of her was even a little jealous. But like always, she stayed strong in the wake of loss; she tried to think of the death as the tragedy of war. Pushed back the worry that her heart was hardened beyond repair.

There was a situation. That’s all Giles had said when he eventually called, voice strained and laced with uncertainty. Buffy had been attempting to follow everything that was going on in England—the suspect was still at large—and she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that Giles’ reason for calling wasn’t entirely unrelated to that. As far as she could tell, there was no supernatural aspect to the killings, but it wouldn’t be the first time the media glazed over important details simply because they were incomprehensible. Directionless and frustrated, Buffy was quick to jump at the opportunity to provide help elsewhere. Besides, she wasn’t sure if she liked Giles being in the hands of the Council again, new or not. Upon arriving in London, Buffy opted to not be officially "employed" by the Council, but to begin her own training ground, ATHENA, in partnership with them. Together with Penelope Fairfax, she disposed of the vampire Jack The Ripper, cementing the two's partnership. Evil never rests on the Hellmouth, though, and Buffy knows she has to be ready for whatever comes next, whichever form it takes.

Personality Traits: Self-sacrificing, honest, practical, guarded, sometimes selfish, likes having things done her way, decisive, does what is right

→ Standard Slayer strength, agility, and healing, enhanced through training and experience
→ The most experienced Slayer alive
→ Superior in hand-to-hand combat and both melee and ranged weaponry
→ Knowledgeable about vampires and certain demons
→ Influential over the other Slayers and Scoobies

Charlotte Peterson
Species: Watcher
Age: 42 Years Old
Played By: Chelsey
Face Claim: Kate Walsh

Charlotte Peterson is a woman who will do just about anything to reach the most desirable outcome.

Growing up in Chester, she had been trained from a very young age to study demonology and combat. Her parents had both been esteemed members of the Watcher’s Council and it was expected for her to reach the same fate. Although Charlotte had been a fiery young girl, she never minded that her future was pretty much planned out for her. Knowing what was out there made her want to stop it at whatever cost even if it meant mentoring a flighty young woman.

She had never been the biggest fan of too many social encounters, but she understood how to be polite even if oftentimes it was laced with a slight bit of unnoticeable distaste. The benefit of good manners was not lost on her, which was why she chose to use them to get ahead. During her years at the Watcher’s Academy, she had sweet-talked most of her teachers, along with making the marks she needed to graduate near the top of her class. Her whole life, she had done everything she deemed necessary to get to where she wanted to be.

When most of the Council had died, it had only renewed Charlotte’s desire to wipe out the evil in the world. Her own parents had been wiped out with the rest of the Council, but she made it a point to try and remain objective in her proceedings. Vendettas would not get them far in fighting for the greater good. Needless to say, the event stayed with her. She had many friends and colleagues whose lives were lost in this battle. If she kept fighting, at least she could justify that their deaths were not in vain.

It was time to move on. Her means of fighting were a little less ethical than the Council’s, but she understood that sometimes sacrifices had to be made. The means could not always be moral and pure if you wanted to win a war, but their war was a moral one. She learned to place the ends above the means so she could justify some of her own actions. In the past, she had let others endanger themselves so that battles could be won. She had lost her Slayer back in Rome’s Hellmouth from doing just that. Her own life had almost been lost in the same fight against a clan of Groxlar beasts, but when young Alana fell, she had brought the last beast down with her. She knew going in that their odds had been less than favorable, but she understood that they lived lives that required putting themselves at risk.

Charlotte herself did not fear death. If her death contributed to the greater good it could even be something honorable. This was why when things had started to calm down in Rome, she knew she had to go elsewhere. She had to follow the real trouble and to be frank, the Slayers. Being a Watcher with no slayers or other Council members around was especially tedious and lonesome. So with everything in mind, she made the move back to England in hopes of reconnecting with some of her old friends and perhaps even gaining a Slayer or two to take under her wing. From what she saw on the news, the place was definitely in a state of chaos, and she hoped to help restore its lost balance.

Personality Traits: Reserved, professional, cunning, passionate, charming, materialistic

→ Knowledgeable about Slayers, Watchers, and the supernatural
→ Proficiency in ranged weapons
→ Fluent in several languages, including demonic ones
→ Influential within the Council

Cordelia Chase
Species: Half-Demon, Link to the PTB
Age: 24 Years Old
Played By: Bettie
Face Claim: Charisma Carpenter

Remember when life was easy for Cordelia Chase? Once upon a time she was your typical rich and popular cheerleader who was able to laugh at people over the pettiest of things. She’s definitely not laughing anymore. When she left Sunnydale behind she had naturally assumed she’d be successful at whatever life she pursued. Her initial choice had been acting and as it turned out it did not fall in her lap as everything used to. Instead she found herself beginning to work for Angel at Angel Investigations. At first the gig was temporary until she reached her inevitable stardom, but things had not worked out exactly as planned. Instead of international fame, Cordelia inherited visions from the Powers That Be after sharing a kiss with Doyle before his death.

With the visions came first hand encounters of the pain and suffering in the world which was not something Cordelia could just ignore. She tried to reject the gift that came with killer headaches and a world of responsibilities, but over time Cordelia became thankful for the visions that had very much become a part of who she was. Though still sassy and tactless the compassion she had always had inside finally came to light. This self actualization is not the end of Cordelia Chase’s story though.

Despite the fact Cordy grew up to be a champion, she did not get to go out with a blaze of glory that most champions get to go out with. Instead she was fooled into ascending to a higher plane so that she could return to Earth with a higher being known as Jasmine possessing her body. After creating a whirlwind of destruction along side other disturbing events that all occurred in Cordelia’s body, Jasmine was finally able to birth herself which left Cordelia in a coma that she never woke from.

Eventually, Cordelia died. This was not before “awaking” one last day to get her team back on track. Unlike most Cordelia was never really comfortable with her death. Most found the higher plane to be relaxing yet Cordelia found she was always really bored with the place. She was a woman of action so the sitting around watching over her friends did not really bring her any peace. The Powers That Be were not entirely blind to the plight they had put their seer through. They had robbed one of their most dedicated warriors of their life and decided to rectify the situation. Cordy had been unknowing of their plan and had been surprised to find herself alive and in London. It was a shock, but as soon as she looked up Wesley and Angel, she had realized her gang was here.

Being Cordelia Chase, she made it a point to get herself immersed into her fight again. Being back was not without it’s difficulties, but it sure as hell beat misty magic land. Without even being asked, Cordelia was working with Angel Investigations again and doing her job the best she could. Her coffee making skills haven’t really improved, but she continues to be valuable to the fight. Her visions give Angel guidance and for a short time they even worked on training a hesitant Slayer, Abigail Thompson, together before the Whitechapel Killer got to her. Saddened, she is continuing to reach out to people in London and do her job at Angel Investigations. She knows there is a newer and bigger bad to come, but she’s Queen C. She’ll help take them down and look fabulous while doing so.

Personality Traits: Courageous, blunt, peppy, caring, selfish in some aspects, vain, confident, likes socializing

→ Slightly enhanced strengh
→ Half-Demon powers such as levitation, light manipulation, empathy, astral projection, and telekinesis
→ Precognitive powers
→ Sharp reflexes due to cheerleading
→ Skilled in ranged weaponry

Danielle Perkins
Species: Slayer
Age: 15 Years Old
Played By: Alicia
Face Claim: Chloë Grace Moretz

All a child ever wants to do is make their parents proud. But what happens when the only way to do that is doing something you despise? Danielle, affectionately nicknamed “Dani”, was in this predicament since birth. Growing up the only girl of five children, and on top of that the youngest of her siblings, she had a lot of pressure on her. Her family, on the outside, was the normal suburban family of northwest Ohio. They went to church every Sunday, and high school football games every Friday night. Football games that her father coached, and three of her four brothers played in. Jacob the Quarterback, Eddy the Linebacker, and Logan the Kicker—basically the stars of the field. Her other brother, Liam, played soccer, but he was their star player too. All four of them played basketball and baseball too. Then there was Danielle, who liked the movies.

She loved the fantasy of film. She loved how she could watch a screen and be transported into a completely different world. Every weekend she’d go to the movies by herself, sit in the exact middle of the theater, and watch whatever movie was out at the time. She knew every Craven thriller, every Spielberg epic, every Romero brain-munching classic. She could recite all three Godfather movies by heart, from start to finish.

Too bad she had to do all of this between practices.

Danielle hated sports. She hated watching them, playing them, even hearing about them. But in her household it was go sports or go home. Every TV except the one in Danielle’s room had a game of some kind on it almost every day. When she was old enough, her mom, the coach of the local softball team, recruited Danielle onto the team, telling her she’d “learn to love it”. Too bad she sucked. Every time the ball came at her she flinched. Every time she was up to bat she found herself at least 6 feet away from home plate. The one time she’d managed to hit the ball, she’d broken the pitcher’s nose with it. She was a walking sports disaster. That didn’t stop her parents from trying.

That was until one day everything changed for Danielle. It was her turn to bat in the regional championship game (how they had gotten there in the first place was a mystery in itself) in Cleveland. She stood there, her nerves overpowering her, just knowing she was going to be struck out, when suddenly a surge of…something, overtook her. Power. Confidence. Belonging. She hit herself a home run, and took her time walking around the bases, not taking her eyes off of the proud look on her mother’s face. That night, in their hotel room, two odd looking men in robes with carvings where their eyes should be, attacked the Perkins family. With strength seemingly out of nowhere, Danielle was able to fight them off, but that wasn’t before they were able to deliver fatal blows to both of her parents, and her oldest brother Jacob. When they returned home, her and her three brothers were thrown into the foster care system, floating from house to house and eventually Danielle became separated from them completely.

One day, while she was doing yard work for her foster parents in Florida, a man approached her. He was upfront about his intentions, telling her of her calling as a slayer, the youngest to be called. He wanted her to come to London with him. It was just like it was in the movies. She had a higher purpose, a calling. She’d be the hero of her own story, even if she was a little too late to be the hero she wanted to be.

Personality Traits: Shy, desperate for approval, kind, naïve, guilt-ridden, romantic

→ Standard Slayer strength, agility, and healing
→ Capable in basic combat
→ Very knowledgeable of the world of cinema

Dawn Summers
Species: Human? (The Key)
Age: 19 Years Old
Played By: Kit
Face Claim: Michelle Trachtenberg

Dawn Summers appeared to be just a normal girl on the outside, but on the inside she was so much more. She was the Key, her blood the most important piece of a ritual that ripped open all hell dimensions and let them spill out onto the earth. The Key was wanted by the hell goddess Glorificus, who was attempting to return home to her proper dimension. The monks who were sworn to protect the Key decided the only place it was safe was with the slayer, and the only way she’d protect it with her life was to make it part of her life.

Enter Dawn, the slayer’s little sister. The memories of Buffy, the people around her, and even Dawn herself, altered to fit the Key into their lives. Nobody was the wiser. Dawn was just a teenager with a sister to overshadow her, boys to crush on, and school to attend. That all quickly changed when Buffy discovered the truth of Dawn’s origins. It didn’t matter though. To Buffy, Dawn was her sister and nothing would change that. Glory was defeated and the consequences were taken care of. The Summers girls wouldn’t be separated, not even when something like The First Evil tried to tear them apart or when Buffy happened to not be the only chosen one anymore. Summers girls stuck together.

They stuck together all the way to Cleveland, the site of another hellmouth. The girls spent some time there, Dawn seriously contemplating the idea of becoming a watcher. With all these new slayers around and no Watcher’s Council to speak of at the time, Dawn took it upon herself to guide some of the girls as best she could with Buffy’s help. She received her GED while still in Cleveland, the constant action in her life obviously not catering to any sort of formal education. She knew her sister wanted her to have a normal life, but a more matured Dawn knew better, and embraced what they had together in Cleveland at the time.

Things were fine until one day they got a call from Giles. He was in London, helping to rebuild the Watcher’s Council there, since now more than ever such an establishment was needed. Dawn internally jumped for joy, having not yet fully disclosed her desire to be a watcher to her sister. At Giles’ urging, the pair and their small group headed for London, and once there, at Buffy’s urgings, Dawn applied for King’s College, receiving a full scholarship to attend. She moved into a flat with her sister and has decided to approach the newly founded council about her aspirations… her only concern being the uncertainty of her sister’s reaction.

Personality Traits: curious, wants to be helpful, intelligent, protective, loyal, sometimes annoying though usually mature

→ Minor training in witchcraft, vampire hunting, and melee combat
→ Skilled at translation of foreign languages, notably Sumerian and Turkish
→ Knowledgeable about vampires, demons, and the supernatural
→ With the proper ritual, her blood tears down dimensional barriers

Elizabeth Margaret “Mad Maggie” Wells (nee Williams)
Species: Watcher
Age: 47 Years Old
Played By: Tuppence
Face Claim: Emma Thompson

Maggie, as she prefers to be called, always believed there to be so much joy and fun to be found in life if only one had the right kind of good sense to reach for it themselves. And nothing, not even the austerity of an education at the Watcher’s Academy, was going to stop her from exercising that good sense. She read all the novels she liked, stayed out, said what she liked, flirted with young gentlemen, and even went streaking down the Thames on a lark.

Some found this behavior most unseemly, but others were rather enchanted. Among those was Benjamin Wells, a young Watcher and Earl-to-be, then rumored to be engaged to Lady Penelope Fairfax. But within a year of making Maggie’s acquaintance at a casual dinner, he turned the slightly older Ms. Williams into the new Mrs. Wells and moved them into a comfortable home near the estate he would someday inherit. A loving husband, a job by his side doing something worthwhile, and enough time and financial freedom to feed her insatiable appetite for adventure and good fun—surely such happiness could never end, could it?

She was taking the day off to explore some cliffs when the Council building was attacked. She returned home to find their husband’s butler Hughes waiting for her. There’d been an explosion, he said. Benjamin and many others were dead, the Council itself was in finished. Grief-stricken as she was, Maggie wouldn’t let the loss keep her away from life. She mourned, carrying her late-husband’s picture in her wallet, but she also forced herself to taste even more of life than she had before.

She traveled the world, visited her own surviving relatives, and, when word finally reached her that the Council was rising from the ashes, she asked to be in thick of the action. Recently, the thick of the action seemed to be back where it had ended. Never one to pass up an opportunity for adventure, especially one that might do some good, Mad Maggie said her goodbyes, booked the closest flight, and headed home, off to join her old colleagues and acquaintances in their fight.

Personality Traits: Genuine, vivacious, outspoken, impulsive, kind, impatient

→ Knowledgeable about demonology, the supernatural, and mystical artifacts
→ Fluent in English and Latin
→ Capable with ranged weaponry

Estela Barros
Species: Slayer
Age: 20 Years Old
Played By: Page
Face Claim: Lyndsy Fonseca

Marco Barros was easily the most picked on kid in school. It wasn’t his fault he had to have braces well-into his teens, that he’d always carried some extra weight, or that he alternated between Star Trek and Doctor Who shirts every day. His peers were cruel, though, and they weren’t willing to look past these small things. It only took one afternoon of coming home and seeing her little brother with a black eye before Estela decided she had to step in. At only one year apart, the two of them had been inseparable for their entire lives; she wasn’t about to allow anyone to hurt her brother this way. She knew violence only bred more violence, but on the other hand… Marco’s tormentors so deserved it. In the end, Estela’s maturity won out, and it turned out intimidation had been enough to give her brother a break anyways.

When things got tough, the two of them often went to a forested creek not far from their house. If they were to follow it, it would lead them right into the heart of Rocinha, then eventually the ocean—they’d always planned on walking the whole thing at some point, but their lives were only getting busier. Somehow only having the sounds of the creek and frogs in her ears put life on pause for a while; there was no better place to hang out, get homework done, and just relax. It became their spot. Maybe it was that sense of safety that had made her so careless. Both Estela and her homework were lying in the grass, Marco right beside her; there was nothing out of the usual, no jarring notes to alert them of danger, no loud stomping, rustling trees, or growling.

The sword that skewered Marco through the chest came from behind them.

Estela didn’t have time to process things—her brother was there, eyes wide with a rivulet of blood dripping from his mouth. When their attacker pulled the sword out, Marco fell flat on his face, no longer clinging to life. Her muscles responded by instinct, and she rolled over and jumped to her feet to avoid the next strike, this one meant for her. But as she looked at her brother’s murderer—the old robe, the symbols where there should be eyes—she knew that the first strike had been meant for her as well. Just like in the dream. It didn’t make any sense, but she didn’t exactly have time to analyze things. Her body was on autopilot, and it told her to run; she knew these woods better than anyone, except maybe Marco.

Her heart was still beating a mile a minute by the time she ran home. The doors were all triple-locked, and aside from the red blinking signifying a voicemail, nothing in her house was moving. Safe. Still numb and unable to process things, Estela did the only thing she could do—kept living. Marco’s death was the biggest loss she’d ever felt in her life, and she never was quite the same after that. The voicemail, when she’d eventually listened to it, explained what had attacked her and why, also straining that she was in immediate danger and had to go to some place called Sunnydale. It was an old message though; it’d been weeks since the event and nothing had attacked her since. They must have had it under control. Estela wasn’t too concerned with the creature in her dreams—though some of the blame certainly lay with it, the majority was on herself. It should have been her. It was supposed to have been her.

Try as she might, she couldn’t just keep ignoring and repressing the details. She was something called a Slayer. And when the next call came in, and told her that others like herself were traveling to London, Estela knew what she had to do. Her parents were devastated to have their other child leave them, though she promised she would be back someday, when she was better. But for now, she had to heal and understand. With her brother’s death on her hands, Estela traveled to London to be with the other slayers. Where she couldn’t hurt anyone ever again.

Personality Traits: Cautious, compassionate, kind, doesn’t judge, possessive/doesn’t like to share, overprotective, conflicted about being a slayer, survivor’s guilt,

→ Standard Slayer strength, agility, and healing
→ Fluent in Portuguese and English

Faith Lehane
Species: Slayer
Age: 23 Years Old
Played By: Casey
Face Claim: Eliza Dushku

Faith had sprung herself from prison in order to help lead the battle against The First. Then they had won; good triumphing over evil. Sunnydale and the Hellmouth, obliterated. 100 new slayers created, for better or worse. Buffy and the others knew exactly what they had to do: keep fighting. It was simple for them. Most of the troops followed Buffy around to god-knows-where, but Faith was done with tag teaming. No more constant reminders that she was second best. Worked for the time being, but they both knew that eventually one of ‘em would go for the throat, and that’d be the end of their weird as hell friendship.

Her feet brought her into Vegas, which had no lack of trouble to take on. While Buffy sped off to wrap her hands around some big bad, Faith kept herself busy being knee-deep in the stuff no one else wanted to do, saving the people no one gave a crap about. Caring about that innocent bystander who got caught in the crossfire, even if it was in an alley or a motel room or a strip club. Before, she was thrown in the middle of things with no time to think about just what she was gonna make of herself, and the whiplash-- those three years-- was finally nipping at her heels. Her time wasn’t done. She’d serve it in other ways.

It came in the form of a letter. Faith didn’t even have to open it to know who had sent it-- only one person she knew would even think to use snail mail before shooting a quick text. There was a lobster on the envelope. Someone had flashed the bat signal, and the Dark Knight was ready to fly to it like a moth-- only he needed some help, apparently in the form of a slayer who wanted nothing to do with anything right now. She wasn’t going back on the frontline without a damn good reason. B and her little club could handle it; Faith was doing more good right where she was.

Turned out it was Angel himself who needed her; he wasn’t subcontracting. That was another story. No-brainer. Faith threw together the few possessions she had, and spun right back around to make haste to LA. The letter was vague, but it sounded like they were about to go all the way across the pond. Angel Investigations looked shot to hell when she got there, and she was several greetings short. Didn’t ask. Didn’t wanna hear it. Angel and his new, totally legit and not forged bud Hope Lyonne took a red-eye to Boston, then flew the next leg all the way over to London. The only person she bothered keeping ties to was Angel; wasn’t that she was dodging anyone, she just… didn’t wanna see or talk to ‘em. Wasn’t a crime. But if word of mouth was accurate, that was about to change in a big way now that she was in range of both the Council and the new HQ. But Faith wasn’t gonna sweat the awkward greetings-- whiskey could fix it.

Personality traits: Loyal, protective, reckless, does what is necessary, strong sense of self-preservation, stubborn, jealous, flirtatious, conflicted, fun-loving, thrill-seeker

→ Standard Slayer strength, agility, and healing, enhanced through training and experience
→ The second most experienced Slayer alive
→ Superior hand-to-hand combat skills and melee weaponry skills, proficient with ranged weaponry
→ Street-smart due to upbringing and prison

Freya Kerry
Species: Slayer
Age: 22 Years Old
Played By: Danica
Face Claim: Lindsey Stirling

Ever since her parents played Camilla Wicks for her as a young girl, Freya knew exactly what she wanted to do in the future. She practically drove herself to her first lesson and taught herself even more when she returned home. During the years that passed, Freya went through several teachers because they kept running out of things for her to learn; but despite the fact that she eventually had no one to teach her, she continued to grow more and more advanced, practicing by herself, and drafting her own sheet music. Becoming a professional violinist was her goal. Composing music and traveling the world to play her them for others was all her mind was set on.

It wasn’t until she was plucking away at her violin and her strings tore that she found a new part of her to be equally focused on. Well, that part in itself didn’t mean too much to her. Freya just thought the strings were worn out and it was about time to replace them. It was what happened just a few hours later that opened up a whole new world of possibilities for her.

Freya went out into her backyard to test out her restrung violin that night. She played just like she did any other time; eyes closed, mind relaxed with fingers doing all the work. One of her newer drafts flowed out of the violin and the bow’s hairs ran over the new strings just fine. It was a beautiful night to be playing music, calm and with a cool breeze that brushed against her skin.

There was a different kind of breeze just a second after that thought, however. Against the back of her neck was a dirty kind of wind and then a strange comment about ‘tasting Slayer blood’. The grating laugh that followed was cut short by Freya’s instinctive swing of her bow. She shot it straight back, parallel to the ground, and felt it jab into the harasser’s body. The bow was jammed into them one second and hung in the air the next, supported only by her shaking hand. She turned to see nothing but a swirl of dust being blown away by the returning natural air.

After a shower to scrub off the lingering feeling on her otherwise unharmed neck, she did her research. Interesting things came up when she’d typed ‘Slayer blood’ and ‘Slayer’ into several search engines. Some directed her to old stories. A couple listed names and addresses for these types of situations. To her advantage, these people, Slayers, were located right here in London. She learned that being a Slayer was a destiny—one that she would now have to balance with her professional violinist calling—and she wanted and needed to learn more. This Buffy Summers would be her source of information.

Personality Traits: Determined, diligent, enjoys helping, creative, doesn’t believe in ‘grey areas’, black and white thinker, focused, doesn’t know when overstepping boundaries, dreamer

→ Standard slayer strength, agility, and healing
→ Quick at adapting
→ Excellent violinist

Genevieve Savidge
Species: Slayer
Age: 20 Years Old
Played By: Shev
Face Claim: Katie McGrath

It was amazing how quickly everything could change. People talked about life-altering moments and for the longest time, Gen believed they were some sort of fable, the type of thing that didn’t happen to her. She was wrong. In the last year or so, she had had several. As the daughter of the Duke of Devonshire, it was clear to Genevieve all her life what was expected of her. Appearances were everything, and as the only child of a Duke and Duchess, it was her place to uphold them. She knew the rules. She was to be largely seen and not heard, to receive a good education, to find a nice man from a prominent family to marry, with the nice part being optional. Being a vampire slayer never fit into the plan.

She nineteen and studying at Oxford when the dreams began, visions of horrors, monsters, and women to fight them. Sometimes, the women won. Sometimes, they died. Night after night, they came again and she would awake in a cold sweat, each one seeming more real than before. Her body changed next. She could perform acts of strength she had only ever seen on film or in her dreams. She was scared, alone, a freak. Genevieve had heard the term ‘Slayer’, whispered by the beasts in her dreams, and she knew enough to know that such a thing was not a desirable trait in a future duchess. Roden, her trusted adviser and tutor had heard the term. He knew the things she spoke of, far more intimately than she would have guessed, but of course, he was so clever, how could he not? He told her he himself was special. a warlock, and that he knew of something called a Watcher’s Council. They would try to find her, to use her for their own purposes. He could not allow such a thing to happen, he said. He would train her himself, and they must keep one another’s secrets.

He filled her mind with horror stories that rivaled those in her dreams. Teenage girls, stripped of their powers and fed to monsters in some kind of sick test, brain washing, the slayer being used as nothing more than a sword to fight the so-called evil of the world, stripped of her own autonomy, poked and prodded, monitored and tested. That couldn’t happen. Together, they would hunt down these poor girls and put them out of their misery. The abuse couldn’t continue. They wouldn’t let it. Her first kill came in what she believed to be self defense; a slayer sent to capture her. Several trickled in after that, and always, Roden would help Gen wash the blood from her hands, tell her she was a hero, even if she didn’t think it.

The nightmares continued, and after a particularly nasty one, Gen awoke in a cold sweat, finding her pillows strewn across the floor. She sighed, beginning to put them back when she found the small, strange-smelling bag hidden in the fabric. It was a hex bag, used to manipulate dreams. Roden had been lying to her all along, placing visions in her head. Furious and hurt, she confronted him, and gave him one chance to leave, and he did, to save his own skin. It was ironic that in telling her he would never allow the council to come and claim her, Roden had ensured that they would. She had been in one of their holding cells for days before the woman came, introducing herself as Penelope Fairfax. She made small improvements to Gen’s living conditions in exchange for stories, for the truth, until eventually, she asked Gen if she wanted to leave. There were conditions, of course. She must be true to her calling, abide by her rules, but a cell was no place for a slayer. For the first time, she had a real watcher. Being under house arrest was far from the easiest thing to adjust to, but living in luxury London accommodation was preferable to a gloomy spell, and besides… she had a lot to make up for.

Personality Traits: Spoiled, thoughtful, opinionated, intelligent, haunted, defensive/protective of others, hates dishonesty, stubborn, clings to a slither of fancifulness and idealism

→ Standard Slayer strength, agility, and healing
→ Capable at hand to hand combat, skilled in melee and ranged weapons
→ High social status and wealth at her disposal due to noble birth
→ Educated, articulate and well-read

Hilarie Davis
Species: Human
Age: 32 Years Old
Played By: Tommy
Face Claim: Stana Katic

After being a member of the United States Marine Corps for nearly 10 years of her life, Hilarie thought that she could handle anything, including re-adjusting to the “real world”. She thought the Marines taught her everything she would or could ever need to deal with any situation that came her way; and while she was over in Afghanistan fighting day in and day out just to survive, she really did have every bit of information and every skill she could ever need. But much to her surprise, the information required to survive through a war is not the same information required to sit in a cubical and live in a normal house with neighbors and pay taxes and mow the lawn. Which is why just 3 months after she returned home, she quit her government job and started looking for ways she could survive with what she had to offer.

Private Security, Police Officer, FBI. Hilarie tried all of the jobs she could think of, but after almost a year of going from job to job, she realized that it wasn’t just that she didn’t have the mentality to make it big in the ‘real world’, but that she missed the war. She missed the adrenalin rush, the conflict, and the fight. So Hilarie contacted some of the other Marines she had worked with, to see what they had done after being discharged. Most of them had managed to find bliss in their meaningless jobs, but one of them found an alternative way to live. He told Hilarie he had a job for her that she would love. Desperate and curious, Hilarie took him up on the offer. He seemed to be intentionally vague on the details of the job, which made far more sense when she found out what job they were doing. He had been hired by the Irish Mob to take out one of the police detectives that was closing in on their trail of illegal activities. At first, Hilarie was disgusted by being a part of a cold-blooded murder. But then the rush kicked in. Hilarie felt like her old self again, and the feeling was too good to let it slip away. So she started taking jobs of her own. Most of them were clear-cut assassinations, but sometimes she was hired to get information out of people by “any means necessary”.

As long as she didn’t think too hard about the things she was doing, she felt pretty good about herself. She was able to find a way to incorporate her only skill set into a profitable job. It didn’t help the nightmares though. Ever since she left the badlands, she had the worst night terrors. She’d wake up every night, almost exactly at 2am every night, drenched in sweat. Sometimes she woke up screaming, some nights she woke up crying. Regardless, it was the worst feeling ever. The dreams were always about the war, all the blood-shed she saw and caused.

But she continued living her life as a hired gun, and eventually made herself a long list of allies and an even longer list of enemies. As long as she told herself that what she was doing was for the best, she was able to block out all the pain she was causing and all the criminals she was helping. One of her best employers had made the decision to expand his empire overseas to London, England. He personally requested that she move along with him so he could still take advantage of her skill set. After some resistance, he offered up a check that was impossible for her to refuse. Hilarie packed up her shady and sad excuse of a life in New York City and moved herself to London. She was quickly able to re-establish her name as a reliable freelancer and before she knew it, the job offers were rolling in.

Personality Traits: Very secretive, has massive trust issues, looks at the world from a war-like viewpoint, sarcastic, charismatic, great liar

→ Extensive military training both in hand-to-hand combat and weaponry
→ Excellent shot, especially with a sniper rifle
→ Has a long list of questionable contacts from her job
→ Holds a position of respect because of her valor in the war

Species: Demon (Old One)
Age: Immortal
Played By: Ryann
Face Claim: Amy Acker

After the ‘final battle’ against Wolfram and Hart and the death of Wesley, Illyria experienced grief and loss for the first time. She had been a ruler once, the commander of armies, god among gods, and yet she had never felt this sickening grief. Those who had died in her command were but foot soldiers, and Wesley should have been less than that, primitive human that he was, but his teachings, his lessons, his idiocy and quiet nobility had stirred her more greatly than she would have imagined possible.

Peace came through violence, through dominance, and so she stayed on the path she had begun to walk, killing vampire and demon scum for little more than a few moments of distraction. Angel and his soldiers had separated, and even those who she had been loosely tied to were lost to her. Illyria traveled, making use of what remained of her demonic powers, the ability to rip holes in the fabric of reality, not to other worlds, but at least to other destinations within this one. When she came to the city known as “London”, there was a strangeness about it.

Some power had drawn her here, though she could not place it. It was a troubling taste at the back of her human shell’s throat. Yet, this power was not the only thing to have drawn her to London. She felt the familiarity of the vampire called Angel, and the familiar tug of emotion coming from her unstable human, her stand-in Qua’hasan - her Wesley. He could not be alive, and yet he was. Furious that he had not contacted her, she followed her instincts to the vampire instead. There was evil here, she told Angel, and she wished to do more violence.

Personality Traits: Self-interested, has difficulty adjusting to human emotion, violent, haunted, frustrated, stoic, vain, loyal to Wesley

→ Superhuman strength, agility, and near-invulnerability
→ Time manipulation
→ Can create portals to other dimensions
→ Plant communication
→ Contains all of Fred's memories
→ Limited shapeshifting
→ Can sense when something isn't human
→ Empathy
→ Exceptional in hand-to-hand combat

Irene Rozanov
Species: Slayer
Age: 19 Years Old
Played By: Eliza
Face Claim: Ksenia Solo

Irene Rozanov is, for lack of a better term, a star. She is the idol to the masses. For what, you ask? Maybe singing. Or writing. Or acting, even? The answer is D: none of the above. Irene is the number one ranked chess player in all of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. She liked to plan, always be one move ahead. Not just in the game of chess, but in her life as a whole. Irene learned from the best, her widower father supporting to two of them with a dead-end office job. All Irene knew was a life full of boring days and boring nights, boring dreams and boring desires. The only excitement she got from life was when she was in front of an opponent, staring them down over the tops of the chess pieces.

Outside of her competitive hobby, Irene was very shy. She had no friends at her school, her only real friend being her father and the faint memory of her late mother. While in school one day, a force that seemed to come from within her slammed Irene against the wall in the hallway. The kids around her pointed and laughed but Irene felt something course through her. Confidence, strength, belonging. Things she’d never felt before. But the laughing still upset her, and when she ran to bathroom and slammed the stall door, she ripped it clean off it’s hinges. Oh, this was very interesting.

Only weeks later, Irene received a letter from England informing her just what all this was about. She was a slayer, called to slay the vampire and demons of the world. The letter also stated she would be collected by someone calling themselves a ‘watcher’ once their ‘council’ was more organized. She researched all she could about slayers, and despite her regularly shy and reserved demeanor, she embraced this calling. It was just the excitement in her life she was looking for. Irene started to dress differently, act more confident and humorous…and people took notice. Specifically, boys took notice. One boy she’d liked in particular started to show his interest. She found it odd he would only come to school on cloudy days, but thought nothing of it. He asked her out, and while in the car, showed her his true face.

Irene almost died that night. Her vampire date got away, scared off by how Irene managed to fight back with such strength and agility, but the event left her traumatized. When a watcher finally came to collect her, she told her father she had decided to go to university in England. He reluctantly let her go, and Irene joined the ranks of the slayers assembling in London. In London she found a watcher in Charlotte Peterson, and a roommate and best friend in Mallory Mears. Even with a little bit of experience under her belt, she still has to make a conscious effort to reign in her confidence, because life is like chess. You always have to be one move ahead. Life had checkmated her so easily before, and she wouldn’t let it happen again.

Personality Traits: Reserved, smart, sarcastic, witty, kind, punctual, controlling

→ Standard strength, agility, and healing
→ Fluent in Russian and English (with heavy accent)
→ Expert chess player and, in turn, tactician

James Galloway
Species: Human
Age: 42 Years Old
Played By: Kylee
Face Claim: David Tennant

For some, a certain amount of order is instilled into their life from a very young age while others have only ever known chaos. When it came to James, his life had always been filled with a certain amount of turmoil which always left him striving to maintain a sense of order. His own parents had been a product of their generation he supposed, but their anarchist principles had always seemed childish to him. Rules and structure existed for a reason. An unspoken social contract had to exist in order to ensue that the world would not exist in a state of pandemonium. Everything he wanted in his own life had differed vastly from the eccentric roots his parents provided him with. They had encouraged him to break boundaries while he insisted on staying within the confines of the law.

Growing up James had always been more reserved in his mannerisms. He knew the routine he was supposed and he followed it to a T. James Galloway had never been late to anything a day in his life and his attendance at school had never faltered. He was friendly enough to be considered nice and had a few friends. Everything he ever put his name on was always up to par with the standards placed. It was no surprise that his affinity with order and guidelines had led him down the path to becoming a police officer. Though James was not particularly fond of the violence that came with the field, but he stood behind the purpose completely. Naturally he wanted to help enforce the law and keep a certain amount of organization to London. More criminals slipping through the cracks would lead to the city slipping into a dystopian state.

James was not blind. He knew that laws were ideals, but he believed that they could prosper. The world needed ideals to save it from the dark that was always looming over it. His passion for the law made him one of the best cops the Metropolitan Police force had ever seen. James was always calculating the world around him which called for a great deal of observation. He was always piecing together puzzles and cases. Many of his nights had been spent hunched over files searching for answers, but in the end he always found the guilty party and made sure they were punished appropriately. Each criminal caught was merely an example for all the others.

When his superior had fallen ill and decided to retire, James had been the natural choice to replace him as the Detective Chief Inspector. What James could not have known was that he was inheriting a whole web of confusing cases. The identity of the Jack The Ripper copycat that had plagued London for months was delivered to him by the unlikely and suspicious Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Convenient that "Jack" had killed himself, that Mr. Wyndam-Pryce had discovered this. The man was at too many crime scenes for James' liking, but they had nothing to charge him with, so James was forced to accept that the mystery was solved, even if he hadn't solved it. London was London, though, and another one fell immediately into his lap. When people began dying of everything from the common cold to a broken arm, rumor was rife of some new chemical weapon or super-virus. The deaths were even more suspicious than the public school ace turned P.I., and Detective Galloway wasn't going to let this one get away from him. He would catch the culprits, and discover what truths lay behind the doors of the mysterious Watcher's Council and the gangs that called themselves Slayers and Demons.

Personality traits: Obedient when it comes to the law, insightful, attentive, thorough, self-motivated, mostly polite though impatient with “hippies”

→ Extensive knowledge of the law
→ Excellent skills of observation and reasoning
→ Training in basic hand to hand combat and experience with firearms

Jayan Sridhar
Species: Slayer
Age: 21 Years Old)
Played By: Emma
Face Claim: Deepika Padukone

When you live in a village of only about 1,000 people, everyone seems to know each other; in most places, that would mean gossip spreading like wildfire and major conflicts springing up over the smallest disagreements. But Mirji wasn’t like most places. Though by some peoples’ standards, Jayan grew up in extreme poverty—no electricity or plumbing for miles—that didn’t mean her life was bad. Neighbors always took the time to stop by on a daily basis, her family was large, and with the work split up they were able to run one of the most successful farms in the village. Crime was nearly non-existent, and Jayan couldn’t even think of a time when she felt unsafe near her own home. Childhood bliss never lasted, though.

When she was twelve, a band of thieves—likely arms traffickers— burned down the entire village. She was sleeping when they came—her maa shook her awake, and they were left with just enough time to escape before their hard work caved in around them. Aside from livestock, there was nothing they had that anyone else would want; it seemed as if the only reason for attacking was that it was in their power to do so.

Jayan had never experienced such senseless violence, growing up in such a peaceful place. As she and her mother fled to the next city, it shocked her on a very basic level. She felt as if she had to reorganize her views about the world, violence and crime from just one incident. It was just stuck in her mind. Why would someone do this? The small town had almost no police force and the criminals were not likely to be caught. This was the other thought that weighed on Jayan’s mind. This violence could not continue, she wouldn’t let it. She needed to keep places like her hometown safe. She stayed up all night while her parents slept in the hotel room, pondering the world as she knew it and what she could do to make it better.

Her family settled in a new place, a town outside Mumbai, and Jayan went back to her mostly simple farm life. But the night and the crime still stuck in her mind. While walking through the city one night, having purchased items needed at the farm, she saw a woman being attacked. She wasn’t sure she could even help, but Jayan had to try. She dropped her bags and ran, knocking the attacker to the ground. It was a very strong woman with a horribly disfigured face, but Jayan was able to hold her down, much to the surprise of the attacker. She told the woman she didn’t want to hurt her, that she should just leave and never hurt anyone again. This did not seem likely, but the woman nodded, fear on her face. Jayan let her go, not knowing what else to do, but impressed by her ability to protect someone. Maybe it was her calling.

After a few more incidents of protecting people in need, all at night and with disfigured people as culprits, Jayan arrived home one day to find a strange man in her house having a meeting with her parents. They told her he was with a group called the Watcher’s Council in England and she had been chosen for their slayer program. She had no idea what any of this meant, but the man described her helping people on the streets and that, if she came, she could learn even better how to protect people from wrong-doers. That was all Jayan needed to hear. She agreed to leave for London the next day, having no idea what her future might be there. All Jayan knew was that she had been chosen to help, and that was enough.

Personality Traits: Extremely talkative, strongly believes in justice, outgoing, energetic, overdramatic, impatient, constantly worrying, has culture shock

→ Standard Slayer strength, speed, and agility
→ Fluent in Hindi, Bengali, and English (with heavy accent)
→ Skilled in hand to hand combat

Species: Slayer
Age: 20 Years Old
Played By: Envy
Face Claim: Iyari Limon

Born and raised in New York City, New York, Kennedy had known she was a lesbian since the age of five. She’d been training as a Potential Slayer since the age of eight, after a man showed up at her doorstep calling himself a Watcher. Though she wasn’t spoiled as a child, she certainly lived a pampered life style, having private schooling and tutors who taught her between Slayer training. She was an important asset in helping Buffy and the gang in the final battle, both as Willow Rosenberg’s support system and as a melee fighter; but even so, Kennedy never let any of it get to her head. She was stubborn and bratty, but loyal and she knew what she wanted in her life, and she was going to go for it no matter what.

After Sunnydale became a crater in the ground, things were different between Kennedy and Willow. Though they moved to Cleveland together, there was something missing between them. It seemed Willow didn’t need Kennedy as much as she had before, and in some ways, Kennedy didn’t need her either. After a short, tension filled talk, they agreed to split but stay friends. However, finding it hard to stay so close to Willow, Kennedy decided to move on from Cleveland and its Hellmouth-y-ness, as Buffy and the others seemed to have things under control. She drifted around for a while, working independently to fulfill the Slayer inside of her and keep the common, every day citizen safe from the things that go bump in the night.

It was satisfying on an outer layer, but deep down, Kennedy knew she was destined for greater things. Of all the Potentials-turned-Slayer, not only was she the most experienced, she was also the best trained. Not quite on Buffy and Faith’s level, but higher up than most of the other Potentials, she didn’t have much of a place where she fit in. So when Willow called her and told her that Buffy had received a call from Giles about going to London, Kennedy jumped at the opportunity to join them. Though she usually didn’t like being told what to do, she knew when she was needed, and this time around, it was in London, England, for whatever reason.

Personality Traits: bratty, loyal, tries to do everything, likes leading, intelligent, adventurous, protective, puts friends above all else

→ Standard Slayer strength, agility, and healing, enhanced through training
→ Natural leader
→ Knowledgeable about demons and the supernatural
→ Skilled with melee weaponry from an early age, proficient at hand-to-hand combat

Landon Flint
Species: Human
Age: 30 Years Old
Played By: Kyo
Face Claim: Chris Evans

They said fortune favored the brave, and it had favored Landon for the first twenty or so years of his life. He had always had things planned out, ever since he had been a boy and had outstripped everyone in his class at whichever activity they happened to be doing in P.E. that week. It turned out track and field was his niche, and his parents drove him all over the country to go to competitions. Eyes had been on him since he was thirteen and his parents had supported him outright, even getting him the best personal trainer they could afford. He competed in his first Olympic Games when he was eighteen, not quite managing to take home a medal but definitely earning himself the label of the next big thing in British running. By the time he was twenty-two, Landon was convinced he could take home the gold. It turned out that even though Landon made it to twenty-two years old, his athletics career never did.

A slippery track and a torn quadriceps muscle later, and his dreams were shattered. Landon did the rehab, had the surgery, did all of that stuff, but it didn’t take. He was never quite the same. He was fit enough to participate in sports at the local gym, to coach kids, to become a personal trainer himself, but his days of competition were over. Landon didn’t want things half way, so he let himself melt into the London bar and club scene, mixing with things he probably shouldn’t have been mixing with. He stumbled into the world behind the curtain, the myth and magic. As far as he knew, Warlocks and Shamans were something reserved for trading card games and online RPGs, but when one offered him the best years of his life back, who was he to refuse?

Landon’s body was still in good condition. He took care of it the best he could, but it was too old to do anything with, now. What if he could start over with a younger model? He trained with the shaman for months, apparently learning how to astral project, to send his soul into another body, but it didn’t take. The shaman took the bulk of the money Landon had left from his competitive days, and left, with the vague message that obviously his soul was tied to that body because there was something he was supposed to do with it. Really helpful advice. Not. Convinced he had been ripped off, Landon went back to his life. He continued his work as a personal trainer, keeping his ear to the ground to see if the shaman ever showed up again. He never did, at least not physically. One day, Landon returned home to find a note on his door mat. The handwriting was familiar, as was the vague and ominous tone. It simply said ‘Try this’, and beneath the two monosyllabic words was a logo. A quick internet search told Landon it was for a place called ATHENA, some independent gym and training facility, but he didn’t see how that would lead him to any answers.

What the hell. At this point, he was willing to try anything.

Personality Traits: athletic, longs for his glory days, motivated, interested in but weary of magic, sometimes gloomy, prone to jealousy (especially of other athletes), easily led

→ Moderate knowledge of the supernatural
→ Limited astral projection
→ Physically fit and strong in spite of injury

Lilah Morgan
Species: Human (Undead by contract)
Age: 34 Years Old
Played By: Mar
Face Claim: Stephanie Romanov

Graduating law school with high honors, Lilah Morgan was recruited by Holland Manners to work at Wolfram and Hart under the Special Project Division. Lilah had to be smarter and quicker than the rest of her male colleagues at the evil law firm and eventually this frame of mind paid off. When longtime colleague Lindsey McDonald turned down the promotion they both rivaled for, Lilah stepped up.

As Vice President of the Special Projects Division, Lilah continued the Senior Partner’s main goal of getting Angel on their side while beginning a sordid affair from recently rogue Angel Investigations member Wesley Wyndam Pryce after failing to get him to join forces with Wolfram and Hart. Lilah eventually became Head of the Special Projects Division after going over her boss Linwood Morrow’s head (and ultimately decapitating said head). Her promotion was short lived after The Beast ran the Wolfram and Hart office ransack, killing everyone but Lilah, who narrowly escaped with Wesley’s assistance. This was also futile, as days later Lilah was killed by a possessed Cordelia.

Due to a perpetuity clause in her contract with the company, Lilah was sent to work in the Hell Division of Wolfram and Hart. Returning only to give Angel Investigations a guided tour of LA branch being offered to them. She had been deeply touched by Wesley’s attempt to free her from her contract though it was an unbreakable contract. She continued her work in Hell, and when the opportunity arose, she was finally able to return the favor. Lilah returned to Earth for a second shot at undermining the greater good in the London branch to free Wesley of his own binding contract, but the catch? Her memory of her and Wesley’s affair had been completely removed, and with it, the little humanity she had gained. With her newfound clarity, Lilah could return to her evil ways in peace, which included the Senior Partner’s insistant need to bring Angel to their side by any means necessary.

Currently a Senior Associate at the London branch of Wolfram and Hart and acting Vice President of the Special Projects Division, Lilah only answers to a new boss-- Ms. Victoria Ramsey.

Personality Traits: cold, calculating, hardworking, will do anything to get what she wants, immoral and knows it, cunning, intelligent

→ Granted immortality by contract
→ Exceptional knowledge of the law
→ Has many shady contacts

Mallory Mears
Species: Human (Seer/Medium)
Age: 20 Years Old
Played By: Alicia
Face Claim: Jessica Stroup

She knew her older brother could be trouble sometimes, but while Mallory didn’t condone his actions, Warren was still a brother. And seeing the person she grew up with being flayed alive? Not fun. Really, really not fun, especially since she’d felt it too. She hadn’t actually seen it or had her skin ripped off, of course— it was a vision. An excruciatingly painful one that left her in bed, sore and mourning for the following week. The woman who had done it was practically engraved into her mind. The black hair, the veins, the anger slithering behind her dark eyes. Mallory was never going to forgive and forget.

Ever since she was little she’d been able to see that sort of thing; the closer she was to the person the stronger the visions were. Almost empathetic in nature. It wasn’t the future, either-- everything was happening at that exact moment. Sometimes there were ghosts (she’d always tried to convince her parents that their house was haunted, but they wouldn’t have it). Sometimes auras. All extremely weird. She made sure to keep all of this to herself during high school, not wanting to risk her social standing. Might as well be a leper. The visions were increasing in intensity as she moved through life, and by the time her senior year of high school arrived, Mallory found herself needing to leave class to avoid reacting-- they were so vivid. It didn’t take long for others to notice, and she was swiftly ejected from her circle of friends; they’d deemed her “too freaky”.

But still, it didn’t always suck. Unlike most people, Mallory had an inside ear to what was really going on in the world; she knew stuff about vampires, demons, slayers. Mostly myths and old legends told from the mouths of bragging ghosts, but it was still more than most people could say they knew. The rest of that year was incredibly lonely. She took company with more dead people than alive, and the loss of her big brother had never been more apparent. Her anger and frustration reached a boil, and it never truly went back down-- she wouldn’t feel better until the woman responsible was dead.

When it came time for college, Mallory wanted to go as far away as possible to spare herself the embarrassment of someone recognizing her, and spreading information she would rather be kept private. She had a somewhat better handle on things now, and none of her new friends had to know about her past as a total loser. She got her clean slate by going to London for college. Mallory started keeping up with the local tabloids and reading about all of the strange disturbances. While she wouldn’t mind lending a hand if it were needed, she had confidence the police force would be able to wrap this up without a hitch. It wasn’t until she saw one of the victims in a vision-- felt the pain of his neck being sliced open-- that she became insistent on getting the killer behind bars. As long as no one catches her in a library.

Personality Traits: Sociable, creative, grudging, mean-spirited, manipulative, clingy, insecure, hates witches/magic

→ Has empathetic visions of things that are currently happening
→ Able to communicate with ghosts and spirits
→ Clairvoyant and can read auras to an extent
→ Can usually tell when someone isn't human

Natalie Jones
Species: Human
Age: 26 Years Old
Played By: Meg
Face Claim: Jessica Parker Kennedy

Thievery was a lost art. The media could show you, after all, how beautiful a well done heist was, how skilled someone had to be to, ahem, acquire rare objects without leaving any evidence behind. And with how advanced security systems had become, it was a difficult job. But people were carrying around small fortunes in their purses and pockets through technology, and machines were easy to fool if you knew what you were doing.

And by god, Natalie knew what she was doing. Call it the family trade. Papa always had joked that if the Joneses had a family crest, it’d be a bunch of lockpicks and a fox. They were professionals, working for their own collections or on commission when someone could afford their talents. And Natalie was the quickest learning of the family yet, already helping out with the computers or look out by the time she was 12. Distractions, helping her brother hack the systems, providing backup assistance- anything and everything. She loved every single second of it.

Until, at is, a heist went wrong. Her Dad, her brother, and her had been in the middle of a heist when they discovered it: claw marks everywhere, the entire room that had held the ancient artifact completely destroyed. Mark, her brother, cut out without warning and Nat went running out with her father to find the police waiting for them. Well, for whoever had gotten there first, but hey. The police were never real picky about who they brought in so long as they looked like a good suspect.

Natalie was the only one to make it out of the police’s grasp that night.

Since then, she’d been working by herself, hoping to find the real culprit of who’d been there first, trade the information for lessening her family’s sentences. And when she found the information, she realized no one was going to believe her long enough to let them go. Who’d believe that demons, of all things, had broken into the museum anyway?

So now Natalie carried on the family name all by herself, wary of this supernatural world but determined to keep on doing what she loved. She’d keep the business warm until her father and her brother could rejoin her.

Personality Traits: Family-centric, loves her role as a thief, cocky, proud, cunning, manipulative when on the job but otherwise doesn’t care enough to do so

→ Extremely agile and acrobatic
→ Minor hacking skills
→ Her fighting ability is usually centered around escape and defense
→ Fairly good grifter (her original role when she was younger, so a bit out of practice)
→ Excellent at finding weak points and exploiting them
→ Some underground contacts to help scope out jobs

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne
Species: Werewolf
Age: 24 Years Old
Played By: Immo
Face Claim: Seth Green

Oz was your everyday guitarist in your everyday band in your everyday town. Except he was a werewolf and that town was Sunnydale…so not so everyday. But at least his life didn’t lack in excitement. Oz met the scoobies during his senior year of high school, and also met a very special woman. Willow Rosenberg. The two were inseparable and completely in love, but just like most werewolves, the wolf liked to threaten and mess up the human side of its life. One thing led to another with a female werewolf and Oz decided he needed to go away and deal with the wolf on his own before he hurt anybody. He left Sunnydale and broke Willow’s heart, only to return a new man a few months later.

After months of training and with a little magical help, Oz could stand under a full moon with a non-furry arm around Willow. But all was not well when he returned, and Willow had started to move on from him. After his temper led him to attack Tara Maclay, he realized he didn’t have the wolf as under control as he thought, and it was once again time to leave and find himself. Without Willow, there was no place for him there, and he couldn’t expect her to wait for him. He said his bittersweet goodbyes and began to travel the world even more, meeting lots of interesting people and collecting the items and knowledge needed to keep his wolf at bay. He and the wolf were one, but that didn’t mean he had to give in to it either.

During his travels, Oz witnessed something rather bizarre. A vampire was attacking a girl in the darkened streets of Hong Kong, which that in itself wasn’t unfamiliar, but what happened after definitely was. As he approached with his crossbow in hand to help, the girl broke out moves and strength a girl her size shouldn’t be able to muster. Oz could smell it a mile away too. A new slayer. That had to mean Buffy had died, and a new slayer was chosen. The only thing he could think of is how much he wanted to be there for Willow if that was the case, even if the thought was nerve-racking. Pulling every string on every connection he had, he finally tracked down the scoobies to London where, to his surprise, he found Buffy alive and well…and surrounded by dozens of other slayers. It all made sense now. But now Oz is faced with a decision: go back to his travels and training, or stay in London and make himself useful, at the risk of not finding the true secret to controlling the wolf.

Personality Traits: sarcastic, easygoing, stoic, observational, exceptionally bright

→ Enhanced strength and sense of smell
→ Able to avoid transforming during the full moon, due to learning how to channel his energy into the Earth
→ Extremely intelligent
→ Basic knowledge of vampire hunting
→ Capable guitarist... depending on who you ask

Patrick Cleary
Species: Watcher
Age: 23 Years Old
Played By: Ryann
Face Claim: Colin Morgan

He remembered seeing it on the news, the attack on the building in London. Everyone knew that it was a tragedy, but nobody around Patrick quite knew why it was such a tragedy to him. He recognized that building. He had seen it several times before. He’d even visited a few times. It was the home of the Watcher’s Council and just like that, it had turned to ash. Sure enough, minutes after he’d seen the news, Patrick’s aunt had called him from their home in Derry, Northern Ireland to confirm. Everyone there was dead, all the higher council members, bar a select few who had not been in their offices that day. It hit him like an Olympic Boxer, but the pain didn’t register until a few minutes after he had put the phone down. The dozens of lives lost weighed little against the lives of his mother and father. With nothing but charred bones left behind, they were dead.

It didn’t matter that he was on his way to a BA Honours Degree in History and Ancient Civilizations from the prestigious University of Exeter. It didn’t matter that he had two exams on Monday. He had to go home. When he touched down in Ireland again, he hugged his aunt so tightly that he felt he’d never let go. She helped him defer his degree for at least a year, sent him to grief counselling, but nothing ever really felt the same after that, and in his heart, Patrick was sure he would never go back. There were more important things to fight for now. The slayer, Buffy Summers, had destroyed the evil that had killed his parents, but true evil was still out there and so were so many of its agents. The Council needed him far more than the University of Exeter did.

It started to register with him, all the things he might have done to make his parents happier. Going to Oxford, like they wanted, going to one of the many Council academies throughout the UK and Ireland. It seemed to stupid and selfish, now, to have turned his back when others suffered simply because he’d wanted a ‘normal life’. What was normal, anyway? He was fairly certain it wasn’t normal to be less than you could be, to save fewer lives than you could help save. He knew now without a doubt what it would take to make his parents proud. He just wished that it hadn’t taken their deaths to make him see it.

Almost everyone he knew to contact had been killed in the explosion, but after a few phone calls, Patrick was able to find someone who would set him on the right path. He threw himself into training and offered his services to the Council. Needs were dire, especially since the spell that had activated slayers all across the world. He had his first slayer before long. A young woman named Darcy. She was a stubborn young woman who saw fit to test him on a frequent basis, but they were in this fight together now, and it seemed like London was the front-line.

Personality Traits: driven, awkward, intellectual, compassionate, haunted, inspired, dedicated

→ Comprehensive knowledge of demons and demonology
→ Moderately skilled in hand to hand combat and ranged weaponry
→ Theoretical understanding of magical practices

Penelope Fairfax
Species: Human (Watcher)
Age: 37 Years Old
Played By: Kat
Face Claim: Olivia Williams

Penelope Fairfax was born at St. George’s Hospital to Lord and Lady Evelyn and Henry Fairfax, two upstanding members of English nobility known for their position and philanthropy and, in certain circles, their position on the Watcher’s Council. In fact, the Fairfax family has served the Council or the Crown for the greater good in some fashion for many a generation, a fact Penelope continues to be proud of.

She joined the Watcher’s Academy at her own insistence at a young age and worked to be the best of her class. However, unlike the rest of her colleagues, Penelope could see the chinks in the foundation, the injustices in the bureaucracy. But she took it in stride, playing by all the rules until she had amassed reliable allies and a solid reputation. She worked to outlaw the torture of slayers in the name of ritual, to build an online database to expand the knowledge available to potentials, slayers, and Watchers alike and even offered her homes throughout the countryside as safe houses for Potentials fleeing to Sunnydale during the attack of the First. But everything changed when the First Evil destroyed the Council before any of her requests came into fruition and the charges she had promised safety to ran off or were slaughtered before her eyes.

Devastated, Penelope resigned secluded herself to reevaluate her place in the fight against evil. But soon word came that the Watcher’s Council was rebuilding. They wanted her to come back. With little else in mind save for her sense of duty and her affection for the greater good, she saw no other choice but to answer the call and move back to London.

Personality Traits: Dedicated, witty, caring, manipulative, self-sacrificing, sympathetic, guarded

→ Superior knowledge of demonology and mystical artifacts
→ Highly intelligent and book smart
→ Fluency in several languages
→ Knowledge and experience in fighting demons and the supernatural
→ Proficient with ranged and melee weaponry, capable at hand to hand combat
→ Influential position within the new Council
→ High social status and wealth due to noble birth

Peyton Croft
Species: Slayer
Age: 19 Years Old
Played By: Erica
Face Claim: Tatiana Maslany

Peyton had always been used to blending into the background. The Croft family had seven children, and she was the pesky middle child. With three older and younger brothers and sisters, there wasn’t much attention being thrown her way, but by the time she was in her early teens, that was exactly how Peyton liked it. She started to see the advantages, like being able to sneak out of the house whenever she wanted without people noticing she was gone. With so many people around all the time, Peyton became a keen observer. She learned what made people tick, how to get what she wanted out of them. It was harmless stuff, like talking her big brother into giving her the biggest chicken leg, but Peyton soon figured out that it worked outside the house, too.

She started out with the small stuff. Card games, pool, darts. She was charming her way into pubs and clubs and bookies by the time she was fifteen, learning as she went along. She devoured books on gambling theory, card games, manipulation an soon had more cash in her pockets than she ever would have had with a boring old part-time job. Peyton knew her limits, though. She knew who to trick and who not to trick, who to hurt and who not to hurt. Rich pricks who wouldn’t miss the money were her prime targets, spoiled University brats who looked like they’d be better off in Gap advertisements. That sort of thing. Self-interest, not selfishness. That was her motto. Peyton was eighteen when she saw her biggest opportunity fall into her lap.

Some doddery old English bloke had said she was chosen, whatever that meant. Something about slayers and monsters and destiny. She was convinced he was mental, until he told her about her dreams, the ones she hadn’t mentioned to anyone. Memories, he said they were. Lives of other slayers. Shit. Wasn’t usually the way of things that Peyton was the one surprised. The watcher taught her about her abilities and offered her a room in Mayfair, free of charge, free meals and the like. Even a pool table in the common room. It beat paying rent to an overweight pillock for some hovel, so she went for it. Super speed, strength and agility came in handy for her. There was a particular thrill that came with beating blokes who thought they were the second coming of Mike Tyson at arm wrestling. She considered full on fights, sport or something, but it didn’t seem fair. The risk of hurting someone was too big. This way, she wouldn’t hurt anyone but their ego. Unless…

The idea fell into her lap like Newton’s apple. Slayers couldn’t use their abilities against humans, but they could against each other. One of her mates had an old boxing ring and gym that would suit the task just fine. Most of these girls needed the chance to unwind, anyways. It would test their skills, strength, wits, and there’d be a strict no-lasting-damage policy. Selling tickets, taking bets, selling refreshments for double the price she bought them for in bulk. This was a business opportunity waiting to happen, and it wasn’t as though anyone would get hurt… Or so she told herself.

Personality Traits: Calculating, laid back, weary of attachment, knows how to spin things to her advantage, changeable, means no harm

→ Standard slayer strength, agility, and healing
→ Excellent with numbers
→ Skilled hustler

Renee Lemba-McHale
Species: Slayer
Age: 22 Years Old
Played By: Mar
Face Claim: Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Born the daughter of a South-African doctor and Scottish software engineer in Glasgow, it was fair to say Renee’s family had high hopes for her - just as she had high hopes for herself. She took more after her father than mother, becoming obsessed with computers, coding, taking things apart and putting them back together. A degree in computing at Imperial College London - one of the best technical institutes in the UK - seemed like the natural choice. She had just finished her degree and was debating between several compelling internship offers and post-graduate studies when they showed up. They called themselves the Watcher’s Council, and they needed her help.

It took a while before Renee was convinced these people weren’t a few microchips short of a processor, but they knew so much, it almost frightened her. They knew about those weird dreams, the way she seemed to be physically stronger and fitter than even the future millionaire footballers in the Chelsea youth team - and they knew about demons. She’d sworn those things were just of her nightmares, but they were true, and it was supposed to be her job to fight them.

Convenient, it was not, but how were you supposed to walk away guilt-free from some chosen destiny? She could have Bill Gates' job and still, she would look back with that pang of guilt. Renee bargained, finding a compromise. She would be a slayer, but she would also continue computing and engineering, becoming a technician for the Watcher's Council. She got to pursue both passion, and obligation, even managing to detain a rogue slayer called Genevieve Savidge, as well as engineering the tracking device that would let them monitor while she was rehabilitated. It took some wrestling with her morality to agree to that one, but for the moment, she had the best of both worlds, and the all-caps headlines screaming about strings of recent, mysterious deaths drowned out the voice in her head that wondered how long her good fortune would last.

Personality Traits: confident, assertive, friendly, problem-solver, knowledgeable, sometimes blunt, defensive

→ Standard slayer strength, speed and healing
→ Proficient with ranged and melee weapons
→ Skilled in hand to hand combat
→ Expert in computers and technology
→ Limited second-hand knowledge of medicine

Riley Finn
Species: Human
Age: 25 Years Old
Played By: Allie
Face Claim: Marc Blucas

“Agent Finn reporting for duty, Sir.”

Riley Finn had said the words hundreds of times, but he had never really considered what they meant. Not until he learned about his final tour of duty.

Riley was finally ready to quit the army. It had taken a lot of bruises, death, and battle, but he was done. He and Sam were ready to settle back in Iowa, have a couple kids, and live the American dream. His adventures in the Special Forces paid well enough that they could live decently if they were careful. Sam was already done; she was settled in a nice house near his parents complete with a white picket fence and a golden retriever. To some it would sound stifling, but to Riley it sounded like heaven. He’d had enough excitement to last a lifetime. Just six more months, and he was through. Now the only question was where he would be spending it. Riley crossed his arms behind his back and stood up straight, ready to hear the news. When it came, his arms fell to his sides and he broke protocol for the first time in a long time. “But, Sir—” One look from his superior silenced him. He didn’t have a choice. Duty called.

He would be reporting to London, England. There he would find one mouth to hell, a string of mysterious deaths, and ‘that slayer girl and her allies’. Buffy. That was when he broke protocol. Where Buffy went, nothing good followed. Nothing simple followed. He would be lucky to make it out alive. He always was, but… this was different. He had never faced anything quite like the things he had seen in Sunnydale. But the government was insistent. Word on the street was the deaths had a supernatural element to them, and they weren’t going to leave such an important city to the Slayer and her friends. If word got out about the supernatural in a city like London, it got out everywhere. That was the last thing his superiors wanted. Deep down, Riley knew he was the most qualified to do this. Especially since he could contact Buffy if need be and gain information. Knowing her, she wouldn’t even entertain the idea of talking to another soldier. But…the part of his life that included Buffy was behind him. He was happy. Happily married, excited for the next chapter of his life, and not at all missing the grey area his ex lived in. Going to London would mean worrying whether the monsters he faced were friends of hers or just your run-of-the-mill killers. Things weren’t going to be easy.

Riley called Sam and told her the news. Made a couple promises about returning and it all being over soon. He didn’t lie about Buffy being there—he had no reason to. They trusted each other, he and his wife. One of the greatest things about their relationship was having no secrets between them. She wished him luck and said she would write and call. He could hear the worry in her voice, but didn’t acknowledged it. They both knew the realities of their job. Both knew talking about the fear only made it worse. He was one of the best—he would survive this. It was only six months. Six months to wrap up the murders, obtain some order on the hellmouth, and satisfy his superiors. Then he was free.

With a single phone call Riley can call in all the force the government has to offer, but for now he is alone. He is to work as undercover as possible and discover what is really out there causing all these deaths on the streets. He is to make daily reports of his progress. Do that, and in six months he’s free to walk. Back to Sam and a future of white picket fences. If he doesn’t… well, the only fence he’ll see is the one surrounding his grave.

Personality Traits: Friendly, loyal, reliable, insecure, jealous, has a black and white outlook

→ Military training grants him knowledge of strategy, combat techniques, tracking, and handling of weapons
→ Skilled in melee combat, proficient in hand-to-hand combat techniques
→ Skilled in strategy
→ Knowledgeable about vampire and certain demons

Rupert Giles
Species: Human (Watcher)
Age: 50 Years Old
Played By: Shev
Face Claim: Anthony Stewart Head

After the fall of Sunnydale, Rupert Giles was determined to help the new Slayers however he could. He traveled the world for some time, reaching out to them and working with them as needed. They were off to a rough start though, the new slayers. Many had no idea how to manage their own strength, and one or two of them even went rogue. Others were still scattered across the planet, perhaps not even knowing what they were. They were slipping out from underneath his thumb, and the more he saw, the more he realized that with 100 Slayers plus Buffy and Faith, one man would not be enough to help them all. What they needed more than anything was more Watchers. One simply would not be enough to teach them, and Buffy had her hands full. Andrew was hardly a substitute.

He returned to England to try and pick up the scattered remains of the Watchers Council, expecting to find only a few old books and records and perhaps one or two retired individuals who managed to stay clear of the explosion and the harbingers. Much to his surprise, he discovered that a rather large handful of members survived, and had even built a new headquarters, relocating to Mayfair in Westminster. While many highly regarded members perished, there were enough remaining to make a difference. The Council itself had ceased their less honorable traditions, and Giles found that it no longer left a sour taste in his mouth to fully accept back his title as Watcher.

Under Buffy’s leadership the slayers followed suit and built a headquarters of their own nearby. Though she didn’t seem thrilled to be working with the Council yet again, it appeared that she understood this wasn’t the same heartless bureaucracy that had nearly killed her on two occasions. Giles would see to it that it stayed that way. With everything going on, she had more than enough to think about without having to worry about being stabbed in the back by those who ought to be on her side.

Giles acclimated rather quickly, and it wasn’t long before the Council briefed him on their newest task: find and stop the person responsible for London’s recent string of murders. There was no reason to believe it was supernatural in cause--the victims were very human-- but the mastermind behind the killings was quite the escape artist, and the frequency of his strikes was increasing rapidly. Human or not, he had to be stopped. Giles found himself a decent flat as close by as he could manage. He had always liked being in the midst of the fray after all, no matter what that entailed, and this time it would mean using all the resources the Council could possibly give.

Personality Traits: Intelligent, self-sacrificing, protective, knowledgeable about the supernatural, polite, trusting, biased

→ Superior knowledge of demonology, mystical artifacts, and the black arts
→ Genius level intellect
→ Fluency in English, Latin, German, Sumerian, and Ancient Greek
→ Experienced in hand-to-hand combat, proficient with melee weapons
→ Talented singer and guitarist
→ Knowledge and experience of fighting the supernatural

Ryan McCoy
Species: Human (Telepathic)
Age: 24 Years Old
Played By: Danica
Face Claim: Milo Ventimiglia

Everyone had always heard the rags to riches tale, but Ryan had never though he would be anything other than a freak who never went anywhere far in life. At the young age of nine, he had lost his parents in an explosion that happened at their house. He had been in the back yard at the time, but from that moment on becoming an orphan had not been the only change he had experienced. Ryan could not have known that it was a spell that wiped his house out nor could he have known that the rush of heat he felt go through him was more than just fiery wind rushing off the place he had once call home. His parents’ death had been no accident. They had been working for Wolfram and Hart for quite some time and made the mistake of crossing the Senior Partners. It had at first been assumed that Ryan had died in the explosion as well, but once the firm realized that he had survived, they kept a close eye on the child as he grew up.

For Ryan, the changes were extreme at first. On top of suffering from the loss of his beloved parents, he had thoughts of other people pouring into his mind. As an already rambunctious child, he had found it hard to contain himself with all the tension that hearing the thoughts of others had brought. It was overwhelming at first with the constant sea of noise streaming through his mind, but slowly he learned how to focus in on the ability. He found that though the skill was useful at times, it greatly annoyed him to see the way people looked down on him. With every home he went to it was clear that no new set of parents would ever love him the way his own had. He could see it in their actions and he could hear it in their minds. All he was for them was trouble so he decided to live up to the image.

Ryan spent most of his teen years brushing off school and being moved around the system. He settled very comfortably into his image as a burnout without ever having any desire or motivation to turn it around. Picking up shifts at the Empty Glass in Cleveland didn’t call for a luxurious life, but it had been enough to keep him sustained in a crappy apartment once he had turned eighteen. It was not until he had been approached by one Lilah Morgan that he even gave a second thought to any sort of career fast track.

When the business and supernatural savvy lawyer met up with him, she offered him the opportunity to earn a whole world of riches. For once, his ability was not making him feel like a freak. He had been a bit miffed that this lawyer chick had known so much about it, but he did suppose his ability was rare and maybe even a gift as she had so bluntly put it. He’d never been too big on the black tie event sort of lifestyle, but even though the mind reading did require some energy the job was definitely maximum rewards with minimum effort sort of deal. Lilah had even promised there would be someone who would help him learn to better use his power.

Without really thinking of the consequences, Ryan signed a contract with Wolfram and Hart, and was sent out to work in the London branch. Lilah seemed to have slightly guarded thoughts, but nothing going on inside her head indicated any form of ill intent. Even though her intentions may not have been to bring him any harm or unhappiness, he found that reaching the riches end of the story was not nearly as glorious as the movies made it seem. He had known that all along though. In the movies, the newly rich guy was the hero and Ryan was not even sure what he was. Having insight on some of the cruel things people said in their minds, he could not really find it in him to care that he worked for a company that facilitated bringing harm to the world. His indifference made it easy for the small number of employees who knew of the events surrounding his parents’ death to keep it a secret, but the truth can only remain a mystery for so long-- especially when the afflicted party can hear their fleeting thoughts.

Personality Traits: Apathetic, sarcastic, sly, intelligent despite lack of effort, intrigued by supernatural happens, immoral

→ Ability to focus in on thoughts of others
→ Exceptional knowledge of the supernatural

Saoirse Kelly
Species: Witch
Age: 26 Years Old
Played By: Hannah
Face Claim: Karen Gillan

The question of nature versus nurture is one that is almost as old as time itself. Growing up, Saoirse Kelly had always been a bit self-interested but she had by no means been vindictive. Being the only child in a fairly well off family she had always had the world at her pretty little feet. She had spent her childhood playing in the garden of their home in the outskirts of Dublin or quietly reading books off the shelves in the magic shop her parents had owned. It was very rare that things did not go as Saoirse had wanted and when they did she found it simple enough to dole out enough charm to sway the situation as she desired. A sweet smile here or a feigned hurt expression was all it took to keep the ball in her court. Usually this manipulation was not necessary so she was able to live out her adolescent years in a mostly moral and peaceful manner. That was until she made a shocking discovery that had drastically changed her path.

By the time Saoirse was seventeen, she had been expected to work the shop a few afternoons a week. Her parents had insisted that it taught her responsibility. One afternoon she walked into the shop, but it was far from the state it was supposed to be in. Immediately upon entering the bloodied store Saoirse fell into a state of panic. Though she had often argued with them and went against their wishes, finding the mangled bodies of her parents infuriated her to no end. There was no reason for such a crime. Her parents had been docile and loving witches. Saoirse had no idea who had could do such a monstrous thing to her family, but she knew she would make them pay for what they had done.

Her search for her parents’ murders had proven to be unsuccessful until a mysterious lawyer had contacted her. Though initially hesitant to trust the lawyer she was being made an offer she simply could not refuse. Saoirse had never heard of Wolfram and Hart, but they provided her with the answers and resources she needed to extract her revenge. Lilah Morgan offered her both the identity of the witch hunters and an alley for her to obtain the power she would need to eliminate them. All she had to do was sign the contract being presented though even that was hard to question given the number of zeroes being tacked on to her salary. She recognized that them helping her become more powerful was for their own advantage, but it suited her so she signed the contract and began her job with Wolfram and Hart.

As it had turned out this pesky witch hunting couple had been causing an upset among a number of Wolfram and Hart clients. The hunters were skilled but they were no match to the power she was able to possess. Killing the Wallaces off had been her first task for the law firm and it gave her satisfaction on a personal level. It sent a very clear message that she was not a force to be reckoned with. With her vengeance completed and duty fulfilled, it was time for her to move to London to really settle into her new job. For years working for Wolfram and Hart has brought her a fair amount of satisfaction. She had both the financial and magical standing she desired though she is annoyed with the recent influx of Slayers in their town. She was really not a fan of the overtime their presence seemed to create, but she had chosen her side and she knew it to be the right one. After all, the world had proven that even righteous humans were capable of being monsters so it was certainly not worth all the effort the Slayers exuded so her place remains with Wolfram and Hart.

Personality Traits: Mischievous, manipulative, guarded, vengeful, arrogant, lively, loyal to those she considers worthwhile

→ Advanced in both earth and dark magicks
→ Has Wolfram and Hart resources readily available
→ Knowledgeable of the supernatural and Slayers
→ Skilled with manipulation

Species: Vampire
Age: 150 Years Old
Played By: Liz
Face Claim: James Marsters

After the final battle in Los Angeles, once the dust had settled and casualties had been accounted for, Spike made the conscious decision to travel. Get away from Captain Forehead, the Slayer, and the chaos— everything, really. It had been a long time since he’d last explored the world and it was never a journey he’d taken alone. Given the events of the past ten years of his unlife, what with separating from his Sire, falling in love with a Slayer and winning a soul, the time had come for some personal reflection. Not the soft n’ cuddly kind, mind you, but even he could see he had to get himself sorted. Take a metaphorical breather. It felt as though he’d been fighting for various causes for far too long. Other vampires simply enjoyed themselves; perhaps it wasn’t an overly remarkable existence, but it was one he’d felt he’d earned.

So Spike traveled.

He never stayed in one place too long, wasn’t his style. Never intended to cut and run from the good fight forever; but he did think he was long overdue for some time to himself. Ever since his wish to have his soul returned had been granted, Spike had found more and more of William’s thoughts and feelings creeping into his subconscious. William may have been an insufferable ponce, and was as irritating as a younger sibling whining in your ear, but it was something he became resolved to deal with. Better to face his old poof-of-a-self and take it like a man than to repress. Already knew that approach worked as well as a chocolate kettle; he had to just get that damn slayer off his mind.

Between guilt bleeding into Spike’s old way of living, and the name ‘Buffy’ running ‘round his head like a greyhound on a track, it was hard to move on. A change in scenery didn’t have it covered. Not even close. Hard to take in the sights of Paris when his boots were holdin’ their mud back in Sunnydale’s hellmouth. Spike tried everything—slate was never wiped clean, didn’t matter how many nights he’d made. His was never included in that.

So after a heady year spent observing the Bohemian life rules (Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love) Spike found himself back in London. It had been years since he’d been home and he had to admit, he’d missed it a great deal. Hadn’t changed a bit. Fresh coat of paint here and there, but it was still home. So he took a flat in Camden Market, immersing himself in the nightlife of the alternative souls that flocked there. For the first time in a long time, he was settled. Or should’ve been, at least. Just when Spike was finally drawin’ the rest of Buffy out of his daily thoughts, he started picking up whispers. Bar talk, the Slayer was in town and all that jazz. But Buffy had 101 dalmatians followin’ her around these days, and there was no reason to suspect it was her. Slim chance.

He was gonna look anyways. Knew it before the doors swung shut behind him. Spike should’ve known the Hellmouth would catch up with him eventually.

Personality Traits: loyal, petty, romantic at heart, risk-taker, logical, self-important, conflicted, opportunist, acts before thinking

→ Standard vampire strength, agility, and healing, enhanced due to age
→ Highly skilled at both hand-to-hand and armed combat
→ Capable of operating a variety of vehicles
→ Fluency in English, Latin, Uganda, and Fyarl
→ Knowledge of poetry

Tess Groves
Species: Human (Watcher)
Age: 34 Years Old
Played By: Alexis
Face Claim: Dina Meyer

The Groves had been a mainstay of the Council for generations. Of course, that all changed when the Watchers’ very foundation was destroyed; Tess was left with two parents to mourn and no mantle to pick up. It would only be months later that she also had to cope with the fact her step-sister, Lindsay, had somehow been called. Even once word of the Slayer spell had traveled to England, Tess still didn’t want to accept it. Both of them had spent their lives engulfed the supernatural world, and she knew the inherent risks of being a vampire Slayer, and more importantly, she understood that it always ended in an early death. That was the last thing she wanted for her sister.

So Tess started phone banking, calling everyone she could think of who had ties to the Council; there was talk of reviving it and she intended to play a large role. Meanwhile, Lindsay was shipped off to the Cleveland Hellmouth to assist Buffy (who fancied herself a leader, it seemed) with a particularly nasty foe. She had little reason to trust Ms. Summers-- the girl had a colorful past and did not look favorably upon the Council, yet Tess had to entrust her with her sister’s life. There was little choice in the matter. Apparently from there, Buffy had subcontracted, as Lindsay called to tell her that a young man named Andrew Wells was training her and calling himself a Watcher. Tess didn’t lash out at anyone about the decision, and that was a mistake that cost Lindsay her life. She was killed on the clock under Andrew’s supervision.

That wasn’t something you just forget.

Though the new Council was coming together piece by piece, brick by brick, Tess’ opinion on the subject was going through quite the transformation. After losing three family members to their career, she found herself wondering if Watchers could even help their charges; all of it seemed to be in vain. With the arrival of several dozen Slayers in London, she was at a crossroads. She could accept her role in this and train the best damn Slayer the world had ever seen—one that would not succumb to their calling—or she could try to put a halt to everything the Council stood for.

Hearing about the city's increase in seemingly random deaths served as a distraction for the time being. Tess had never been one to internalize the pain of people she never even knew, but reading about death after death was wearing on her more than it would have only a year or two ago. Growing up she had always doubted she could do something heroic—her chair would prevent her from doing so, or at least that was the assumption drilled into her. Now, her life had been touched by death, and that was one powerful motivating factor. She has the Council’s resources at her fingertips, her reputation borne from both her blood and behavior, and plenty of motives to do everything in her power to get back at Andrew and Buffy in any way, shape, or form that she can. No one will get in her way. Tess won’t be pushed or shoved around; there’s a reason her chair has no handles.

Personality Traits: Intelligent, observant, extremely opinionated, driven, social, sometimes egotistic, judges people based on their pasts, holds a grudge, projects on people, hasn’t quite accepted her loss

→ Has a Watcher upbringing, thus knows about the supernatural and various aspects of it
→ Highly intelligent and tactful
→ She has some serious upper-body strength

Valerie Pritchard
Species: Vengeance Demon
Age: 22 Years Old
Played By: Liz
Face Claim: Claire Holt

Naivety somehow always stuck with Valerie no matter how much she thought she knew. From the start, she was one hundred precent certain that she was destined for stardom. She’d be powerful, more than anyone could ever imagine. Money? Beauty? Pfft. As if she wasn’t already gorgeous and living in Beverly Hills. No, Valerie’s sights were set on every single person knowing her name. They’d love her. Actually, they’d fear her. She was a force to be reckoned with and, one day, they’d all realize how foolish they’d been for not worshiping her when they’d had the chance.

Of course, she wasn’t actually talented. Valerie tried singing, acting, and modeling, but they all fell through one way or another. And a sex tape? Far too desperate, even for her. She did have a reputation to uphold. Morons. But there was something that did call to her, she wasn’t even all that good at it and yet she couldn’t resist it’s call. Magic. The spell book had been tucked away in the attic, a relic from when her mother was still alive—daddy, the big shot film producer, was on his fifth wife by now. Valerie had barely slept the week after she found it, soaking up everything she could. Her grades at UCLA came into serious danger of plummeting when she started spending all her free (and not so free) time practicing her craft. Which was something she couldn’t afford if she planned to be the next editor in chief of Vogue by the time she was 30. But it was so worth it when the boyfriend announced that he had cheated on her with Miss Utah and she had better than her normal vicious comebacks. Vengeance was a dish best served now, after all.

Turning the ex’s penis into a snake had only been the start. D’Hoffryn offered her the chance to do what she’d always wanted. Make a name for herself. And it was so much better than being on the cover of People Magazine. That would be 15 minutes of fame. This was immortality on all kinds of levels. Mortals would pray to her for help and demons would want to be her. And that bitch Anyanka? The one who’d been the talk of the town for so long? Everyone would forget all about her. Valerie would take care of all the poor people who’d ever been scorned so unjustly and they’d love her for it. Who cared about consequences? She was becoming a vengeance demon. Her only loyalty had always been to herself, after all. It would take some getting used to, sure, it was a whole new life, after all. But she was headed to London and the hellmouth on D’Hoffryn’s orders, and she was was ready to start making her presence known.

Personality Traits: ambitious, confident, vain, selfish, clever, petty, determined, spurned, greedy, manipulative, calculating

→ceptional knowledge of the law
→ Decent at basic magick and spell casting
→ Knows full well how to strike a deal and read a contract
→ Fluent in leagalese
→ Vengeance demon from grants her superhuman strength, some form of invulnerability, telekinesis, teleportation, regenerative powers, the ability to assume human shape, the power to grant wishes, the psychic ability to “hear” the “cry of vengeance” from scorned people, sense the presence of souls, and the capacity to manipulate reality

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Species: Watcher
Age: 35 Years Old
Played By: Shev
Face Claim: Alexis Denisof

The brightness of it was blinding as he began to open his eyes. He was too cynical to believe in heaven, and as his eyes adjusted to the shocking whiteness of his surroundings, he saw that he was right. This wasn’t heaven. It was the white room. He had died under contract to Wolfram & Hart, and that meant he was to be forever in their servitude. Angry, he fought against their hold, determined to keep fighting until they killed him for good. Death was preferable to being in their pocket.

Neither of those things happened, though. The next time he woke up in the white room following a bout of painful torture, he was told that he was free. They had received a better offer. He beheld them with distrust. Surely, this was merely the good cop to their bad cop. It wasn’t a trick, they assured him. He wasn’t worth the trouble, and someone out there wanted to keep him alive. Wesley left the Los Angeles office of Wolfram & Hart having never been declared legally dead, but it was emotion rather than legality that gave him a difficult time slipping back into his old life. The feeling he had always had of not seeming to fit properly was back with a vengeance, and it was haunting him.

Wesley returned to England, settling in London and having limited contact with everyone, even those who had once been his family. Fred was gone, and seeing her crying over him before he had died had stirred up feelings he was incredibly uncomfortable with. She had died because of Wolfram & Hart, because Angel had signed their contracts for them. He had been meant to be happy with her, if not in this life, then the next one. Angel had prevented both, firstly by putting Fred in a place that would allow Illyria to consume her and secondly, by tying Wesley’s soul to Wolfram & Hart, preventing him from moving on. He hated the bitterness, but he didn’t know what to do with it. It was here to stay, and so the two of them would merely have to be room mates.

The last thing Wesley expected was for remnants of his own life to come calling, but come they did. The council had heard he was back in England, and they wanted him back, provided he wasn’t still tainted by that pesky law firm, of course. It was almost laughable that they even believed him to be fit for the job even in the absense of Wolfram & Hart’s influence, but they needed him, and even if he hated to admit it, perhaps there was part of him that needed them, even if it was just to provide him with purpose. Things were different now. The council had changed, and so had Wesley. He just hoped it was enough.

Personality Traits: serious, intelligent, unhappy, selectively loyal and caring, somewhat nerdy, guarded, will go to extremes to get something done

→ Superior knowledge of demonology, sorcery, and the black arts
→ Genius-level intellect → Skilled with ranged weapons, proficient with melee weapons, capable with hand-to-hand combat
→ Immense talent with translating and interpreting languages
→ Brilliant strategist
→ Knowledge and experience of fighting the supernatural

Willow Rosenberg
Species: Witch
Age: 23 Years Old
Played By: Kat
Face Claim: Alyson Hannigan

Willow stayed by Buffy’s side even after the Sunnydale Hellmouth collapsed. There was word that there was another Hellmouth in need of some serious slayage and protection in Cleveland. Since helping her best friends guard Hellmouths was what she did best, she didn’t see why she should stop with Sunnydale. She was happy playing Magic Girl to the Chosen One, while simultaneously working at the city library as often as she could to bring in enough money to get by on the Scooby lifestyle. Though she had a better control of her magicks now, Willow still struggled with the power brewing inside of her. Not that she would tell anyone about it. It was her problem and she would deal with it—Buffy and the others had enough to worry about, what with being on a new Hellmouth.

For most of her stay in Cleveland, Willow stayed in her relationship with Kennedy. But with her head more in the Scooby business, Willow barely noticed the two of them drifting more and more apart. After a talk late one night, the two split, and Willow went to live with Buffy and Dawn in their cramped town home until further notice. Further notice came in the form of a call from Giles. Word was that they were needed somewhere else. The Watcher’s Council was trying to rebuild in London and they needed all the help they could get. Of course Buffy didn’t even have to think twice about uprooting her life again and heading to London, and of course she asked Willow to come along.

Always one for helping out, Willow decided to follow the call and booked the first flight she could get for London. Before leaving, however, she called Kennedy and told her what was going on, that Giles had sent out the distress signal for them. Though she didn’t exactly invite her ex along, Willow knew she would come. It wasn’t her concern anymore, anyway. She was just as unattached to Cleveland as the rest of the gang was; and who knew, maybe in London they could all get a fresh start. Get back to their roots, to fighting evil day by day while also working on a larger scale to defeat the Big Bads. Either way, Willow was ready for a fresh start, and felt just a little bit safer knowing the Devon coven was only a few minutes away lest she slip up again.

Personality Traits: intelligent, loyal, motivated, emotional, conflicted, selfish, jealous, cautious

→ Genius-level intellect
→ Expert in computer hacking and robotics
→ Extraordinarily powerful witch with powers superior to those of even fully-trained, natural-born witches
→ Can perform all manner of spells, rituals, and transmogrifications
→ Can project and perform magical feats including flight, telekinesis, telepathy, force-field generation, portal-creation, energy manipulation, and regeneration by sheer force of will

Xander Harris
Species: Human
Age: 23 Years Old
Played By: Immo
Face Claim: Nicholas Brendon

High school is supposed to be the best years of a young man’s life. When Xander Harris met Buffy Summers in his sophomore year, he had no idea what he was in for. He had no idea he’d form a bond with this girl much stronger than the crush he instantly developed (and eventually got over). No idea he’d be fighting vampires and demons and doing crazy, crazy things he’d never dreamed of. At least he had his best friend Willow by his side. Together, the three of them were unstoppable and inseparable.

There were lots of road blocks and roller coasters, but Xander stuck by his friends. He was as loyal as they came. Not even losing an eye stopped him from fighting by his friends’ sides and watching his home town collapse in on itself. After the fall of Sunnydale, Xander continued to stick by his friends, traveling with them to the next hellmouth calling their name in Cleveland, Ohio. Not a huge help on the slaying side, Xander got a job in construction there and brought home the bacon to fund the group of new slayers under Buffy’s command. Xander felt like he was floating, not quite sure what his need was to the group anymore. He felt used for his money and was upset with himself for not bringing more assets to the table. When Giles called and wanted the group to hightail it to England to solve the next mystery and slay the next big bad, Xander wasn’t 100% about wanting to go, but of course he still would, because what were friends for?

Personality Traits: loyal, sarcastic, makes light of things, emotionally-driven, puts his friends first, condescending, immature

→ Vague knowledge of military training, tactics, and weapons handling techniques
→ Extensive experience in vampire hunting and melee combat
→ Expert construction worker and repairman