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Welcome to Into Each Generation, a Buffyverse roleplay. A year has passed since Sunnydale fell into the Earth. With 100-potentials-turned-slayers flocking to London, the aid of the rebuilt Council, and the new ATHENA Organization to teach the others how to fight, only the biggest and the baddest foes give the Scoobies prolonged trouble. They have saved the world time and time again; but when they're facing far more than just a monster, and the danger is more explosive than anything they've ever fought before, how can they win?

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This week, IEG presents: Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.

Everyone has heard the stories growing up. An adventurous few can even say they have dared to try to summon Bloody Mary themselves, but usually these attempts are unsuccessful. It takes a lot more than chanting a name to a mirror in the dark to get Mary to come out and play. This knowledge is not known to most, however, and as one would suspect those who have been successful are often traumatized unless they go about it the right way.

Saoirse, Amico, and Bambi all know a fair bit about the historical figure famously known as Bloody Mary, so when Saoirse suggests they should summon her, it is almost instantaneously agreed upon. There was no doubt that the lore alone made it a fun endeavor, but the knowledge that could be gained from Mary is nothing short of powerful. While the others are merely curious about the Whitechapel Killer, Saoirse has learned from the best that snooping can lead to promotions.

With motive in place and a sacrifice victim acquired, the three go on to summon the infamous Mary, who is adequately pleased with the blood that was shed for her. Overly cryptic information is shared, but Mary is no where near done with being free to roam from mirror to mirror. What good is a summoning if she doesn’t bring her own brand of terror to life with her?

With her new freedom, Bloody Mary begins to make appearances all over London, sometimes leaving a trail of blood behind her. In a city where a number of people are murderers, she has a fair share of people to taunt who can bring no harm to her. Amico, Bambi, and Saoirse have left a lot for someone else to clean up. The nightmare many had as children is running through the city yet again.

Do you dare look in the mirror?

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