Into Each Generation
Welcome to Into Each Generation, a Buffyverse roleplay. A year has passed since Sunnydale fell into the Earth. With 100-potentials-turned-slayers flocking to London, the aid of the rebuilt Council, and the new ATHENA Organization to teach the others how to fight, only the biggest and the baddest foes give the Scoobies prolonged trouble. They have saved the world time and time again; but when they're facing far more than just a monster, and the danger is more explosive than anything they've ever fought before, how can they win?

Click for our Plotting Board.

Applications are OPEN, and the roleplay is starting on the 17th. Applicants will be decided on that date on quality only rather than a first come, first served basis.

Currently, our most wanted applications/characters are:

  • Andrew
  • Angel
  • Anya 
  • Giles
  • Spike
  • Willow

Reasons you should think about applying @ Into Each Generation: 

  • Our previous iteration lasted just over a year, and had four seasons. This roleplay is run by people who stick to things for the long-term, and is at no risk of dying out
  • Amazing memberbase full of friendly and talented people; everyone loves Buffy, writing, and each other
  • Passionate and dedicated mod-team
  • OOC fun and all the meta-analysis you can handle
  • Over-arching plot with plots of the week to keep everyone involved and on their toes
  • Great activity with both paras and dash interaction
  • Nearly 100 open characters, a mix of canon and OCs. 

Come check us out, and feel free to ask questions!

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